Spring Equinox - Vernal Equinox - Easter - Ostara

This ancient festival time for both Pagans and Christians reminds us of the nature-al power of BALANCE i.e. of having a CENTRE of GRAVITY, combined with a RANGE of movement [EXPERIENTIAL RESOURCEFULNESS] around that - together creating the EBB and FLOW that we call LIFE!

HOW FAR FROM YOUR NATURAL POINT OF BALANCE ARE YOU RIGHT NOW? - Yur 'point of balance' is not a place to stay stuck at, but a vital reference point telling you how far we will inevitably swing back, in due course, from the point where you are now - according to the natural law of gravity ["What goes up must come down!" and "What comes down must come up!"].

When we use EXTREME DISSOCIATIVE PRACTICES [practices which 'split us' away from natural human balanced living], be they in the name of spiritual development, healing, meditation, shamanism, mindfulness or psychic powers, there will be a price [or a benefit] to pay later i.e. "What goes up, must come down!" and "What goes down, must come up!" aka "The Darkness follows the Light, and the Light follows the Darkness!!"

The "Law of Balance" is a very hard natural law to embrace, so many of us spend much of our lives trying to prove it wrong - with an inevitable tendency towards bipolar living in which, instead of flowing naturally and ease-ily from light to dark and back again, we become over-attached to [stuck at] the highs and lows of life.

MORE THOUGHTS & PRACTICES to connect with your personal point of balance for the: VERNAL EQUINOX.

Our Cambridgeshire DUP Group Spring Celebration of Inspirational Sung Circle Dances includes...

Appreciating the Beauty of a Summer Morning - "Morning Has Broken"

Gaelic Melody adapted by Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam/Steven Demetre Georgiou
English Words created by Eleanor Farjeon

Radhe Bol
Joyful Dance/Chant Celebrating the Interplay of Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine

The soul has a natural yearning for spiritual awakening...
to be re-united with the Source from which it has become separated

This mantra is a tribute to the legendary Hindu avatars of Radha and Krishna. Radha is a milkmaid who represents the embodiment of perfect human devotion to the Divine. Govinda is a name for Krishna which means "the one who tended the cows". Bolo is "sing the praises of." The love between Radha and Krishna is the ideal of Love, absolute surrender of individuality in the case of Radha and absolute divine grace in the case of Krishna. Radha's yearning for union with her beloved Krishna can be seen as the soul's longing for spiritual awakening, to be re-united with the Source from which it has become separated. The divine interplay between Krishna and Rada symbolises "Spirit and Nature dancing together".  [Dance originator: Philip "Tansen" O'Donohoe]

For the Beauty of the Earth! For the Glory of the Skies!


based on the traditional hymn
Words: Folliot S. Pierpoint, Music: Conrad Kocher, Movements: Hayat Rubardt

*'Round and Round We Dance' - Joyful Weaving Dance
Round and Round We Dance, We hold each other's Hands and...
Weave our Lives in a Circle.
Our Love is Strong, The Dance goes On!

Beautifully symbolises our meetings with others as we journey along life's path!


Removing Obstacles to Creativity - Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha

Meaning of this ancient mantra: Om = the creative vibration of the universe; Gam = secret power sound of Ganesh - his "seed syllable" (bija mantra); Ganapataye = another name for Ganesh (Elephant-headed Hindu deity symbolising the clearing of obstacles); Namaha = we honour your symbolic significance
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Mother Earth is a Great Big Ship that we are sailing on
Sailing on through Space and Time
Touch the Earth, Feel your Worth, Awaken to each New Rebirth
Open up your Heart and touch the Divine
(Blessed Be!)

Music: Rainbow Camps, Movements: Shamsia Sandra Sunfire

Honouring Our Ancestors & Spirit Guides - Blessing Everything & Everyone

The guitar playing starts a bit discordantly, but bear with it - it does improve!
"Ancestors, Sky people, All Here Today!"
From "The Dances of Universal Peace"
Huna Shamanism Tribute & Blessing Dance Ritual

More Shamanic Circle Dancing Recordings - - Huna Shamanism Earth Blessing Chant/Dance


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