The quality of health, healthcare & well-being management decisions is determined by the nature of the relationship
between the medical, complementary health or veterinary professional and the client or patient

Decision-Making Behaviour in Human and Animal Health & Wellbeing
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Decisions made today will be tested in the unpredictable arena of "tomorrow", for we live in an ever-changing and complex world. Who knows what novel combination of circumstances the sick individual or at-risk community will be exposed to "tomorrow"? When predicting outcomes, who knows what new risk factors may be added or what new treatments may become available? Can we know, understand or control all the disease-process factors operating today, let alone "tomorrow"? In an era of litigation-mindedness, "compensation culture" and "defensive medicine", where do we stand on the issue of sharing information, power and responsibility between health advisor, client and the medical research generator?


  • How can we optimize the decision-making and relationship-building processes?
  • How is decision-influencing power distributed between healthcare professional, client and science?
  • When final outcomes are judged, how closely does the distribution of decision-making responsibility reflect the distribution of decision-making authority?

    *The healthcare professional as: direct authority
    *Science, Statistics & Intellect as: referential authority
    *Postmodern influences on medical and veterinary health provision: relationships
    *How can health professionals respond to: postmodernism?
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