Spinal touch therapy has been practiced for 100 years and Is becoming increasingly popular as a painless, non-invasive complementary therapy

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Spinal touch therapy


The growing Interest in Spinal Touch
Painless spinal touch therapy has been practiced now for about 100 years and as a complementary therapy, it is extremely popular. The theory behind spinal touch therapy is that the body balances on its centre of gravity (COG) and if the body tips left, right, back or forward of the COG then there is potential dysfunction or pain. Many Osteopaths and Chiropractors are now learning Spinal Touch Therapy (STT) because joints are not traumatised in any way by this treatment. This is making it popular among therapists who are looking for a way of treating people without inducing pain yet producing a straight spine at the end of the treatment.

What is Spinal Touch Therapy?
This almost speaks for itself in as much the weight that one uses in a spinal touch treatment is about the weight one would use to rub ones eyes if you had an itch! This is not heavy at all. The points used along the back are designed to correct spinal problems and work on the A Beta fibres that have a powerful effect on the spinal muscles. The base of the skull is also touched and again, it is extremely light. In fact, the weight is important as if one were to use more weight, it would not have the desired effect on the outcome of the therapy. Also stimulated is the excretory system, reproductive system, digestive system, the Liver and Spleen. Like a lot of complementary therapies, it works off energies, as does reflexology.

How long does a treatment last?
Spinal touch treatment lasts on average for about 30 minutes. After the treatment, it is sometimes followed with a light massage, but this is not absolutely necessary.

Are there any side effects?
Often there are no side effects but if the patient has been particularly poorly, you may find you have cold symptoms. This is because the toxins that were locked in are now released into the blood stream. This is very normal if it does happen and is short lived. Often the quick way out is a glass of water. This helps to flush the toxins out. You may also feel a little light - headed but is very normal and will soon pass. Generally, people leave feeling warmth or a tingling feeling down the spine, especially when they have been in pain for a long time.


How many treatments are needed?
Generally, for severe cases, it is necessary for several, but usually once or twice is all that is needed.

How do I become qualified as a spinal touch practitioner?
You can ring Graham Blakeley on 01223 863352 (in the United Kingdom). Courses are being run throughout the year and if a room can be found near where you live as long as there are 5 to 10 students, we can run it locally.

For more information about the course and course fees, ring the above number and I will be glad to answer any questions you may have. There are one or two major high street outlets that are now offering spinal touch as part of their holistic programs to fight stress and spinal pain.

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