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Weblogs and Blogging - Tools for Healing

Blogs as Media Channels
Connection - Self-expression - Sharing - Feedback


Weblogs (often abbreviated to "Blogs") are internet notepads which are soaring in popularity
The art of self-expression and communication via Blogs is called "Blogging"

Weblogs can be a web-wallowing medium for the narcissistic, stuck and self-opinionated people, but can also be powerful tools for healing oneself and others.

Isolation or lack of creative self-expressive outlets are a big part of low self-esteem and persistent unhealed trauma. Weblogs are a low-cost, minimal effort, form of self-publishing which can be used to open doors and clarify thinking. No need to let thoughts, brilliant insights and experiences go around and around in your head - Get out there and get blogging!

If we have the courage to set the weblog software to allow comments or even provide email link, our blog can become an important route for receiving feedback which can give us new insights into our problems, creative ideas for overcoming our blocks or maybe new avenues of healing to pursue or help to get us out of a rut of stuck thinking or rigid, self-limiting beliefs. See for example this exchange on the topic of ego death (in new window).

Another healing opportunity from blogging is that of recording and following one's progress (the healing journey) over a period of time in a diary format that allows quick browsing and backup archiving. Being aware of our progress is encouraging to further effort in healing or stress reduction, and so often we forget just how far we have come over a period of time.

Having the support of others is a key part of making progress through periods of challenge, stress, illness or trauma. Personal weblog diaries provide an easy route for supporters to record their supportive messages - in a form that you can use to quickly refer to at times of feeling low or suffering setbacks.

Relationships are a vital part of psychological and emotional health. Blogs provide an easy and cheap route for maintaining existing relationships or finding and developing new ones without any limitations of geographical distance. Weblogs are also a means of having relationships which allow a degree of control, anonymity or safe distance, all of which can be important at times when we are feeling fragile, judged or pressured by our real-life relationships.


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