Eating for Mental & Emotional Health & Wellbeing
an holistic approach to healthy living must include attention to diet


A practical guide to providing first-aid for the mind with the power of food. Nutritionist Natalie Savona shows how what we eat can dramatically affect our state of mind and emotions.

The Kitchen Shrink: Foods and Recipes for a Healthy Mind New book 2003 by Natalie Savona

The Kitchen Shrink
Foods and Recipes for a Healthy Mind

by Natalie Savona
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Each chapter contains up-to-date, clear information with practical advice...
Chapter One "The Physiology of Melancholy" looks at the physiological link between nutrition, depression, sadness and mental well-being. Chapter Two "Mood's Many Guises" looks at specific mind and mood related ailments, such as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), insomnia and Pre-menstrual Syndrome (PMS), get through these and other common disorders through improvements in diet.

Chapter Three "Feel Good Food" presents more than 80 specially commissioned, easy-to-follow recipes, each with an at-a-glance nutrient profile. Also contained are chapters on nutritional supplements, as well as advice on improving mental fitness and mood through simple exercise and relaxation techniques.


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