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Positive Affirmation each day to Change Your Life, Lift Spirit, Elevate Moods, Inspire, Motivate and bring self-empowerment into your life 2014 calendar

365 Daily Positive Affirmations to Change Your Life, Lift Spirits, Elevate Mood, Inspire & Motivate!

In the 2018 Louise Hay Affirmations Calendar

Louise L. Hay is a metaphysical lecturer and teacher who has assisted millions of people to discover and use their full potential and creative powers for personal growth and self-healing.

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You Can Heal Your Life new DVD from healer Louise L. HayYou Can Heal Your Life new DVD from healer Louise L. Hay
The Louise Hay Movie on DVD!

"You Can Heal Your Life!"

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In this inspirational DVD, Louise Hay offers profound insight into the relationship between the mind and the body. Exploring the way that limiting thoughts and ideas control and constrict us, she offers us a powerful key to understanding the roots of our physical diseases and discomforts.Louise Hay's teachings have transformed the lives of millions of people, this DVD highlights her charity work and support groups with sufferers of AIDS and how she cured herself of cancer by putting her own philosophies into practice with the use of positive affirmations, psychotherapy and nutritional cleansing. This long awaited DVD features interviews with renowned authors and teachers Wayne Dyer, Esther and Jerry Hicks, Doreen Virtue, Gregg Braden and many others who have been influenced by Louise's ideas of the impact that the mind has on our health and well-being."You Can Heal Your Life - The Movie" is the life story and LIFE WORK of Louise L. Hay.


Book from Louise L. Hay You Can Heal Your Life
"You Can Heal Your Life"

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Louise Hay Gift Collection You Can Heal Your Life Companion Book Meditations to Heal Your Life "The Louise L. Hay Gift Collection"

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"You Can Heal Your Life"
"You Can Heal Your Life Companion Book"
"Meditations to Heal Your Life"

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The Louise L. Hay Gift Collection of "You Can Heal Your Life", "You Can Heal Your Life Companion Book" and "Meditations to Heal Your Life" is a beautifully illustrated three-book set by best-selling author, lecturer and renowned healer Louise L. Hay. The set includes the gift editions of three of her most acclaimed works.Between them they supply a complete course is offered in self-love and positive self-esteem. The colour design and beautiful lay-out of these books will make the journey a great pleasure.
A reviewer from Conwayreaders, Belfast, Northern Ireland writes...
I read a library copy of You Can Heal Your Life and realised immediately that I NEEDED to actually own the book. If a book can change your life then this is the one that will. You'll want to read and re-read this book and you'll be hungry for more! This gift collection is therefore perfect. You get not only the original book but also a companion book with additional exercises and another book of meditations. So when Louise Haye leaves you wanting more...you have it!
Each page is coloured and illustrated, something you may not have seen since you were 9, but Louise suggests getting to know your inner child so it seems to work.
You won't be disappointed with this set. The content is inspiring and the presentation delightful! It's something you'll want to buy for yourself and your family, and your best friend.


Louise Haye has also written the "Love yourself, Heal Your Life Workbook" which provides self-help on personal transformation, physical health, feeling good about oneself and others, fears and phobias, anger management, dealing with criticism, self-criticism, self-judgement and judgemental people, addiction, forgiveness, workplace issues, money, debt stress and generating wealth, relationships, sexuality and intimacy.

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Atmospheres and Affirmations - an Audio CD by Louise Hay
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