Feeling On Top of the World!
The renewed sense of Lightness, Love, Optimism & Joy that Healing & Lifeskills Training can bring!


A healing journey can be tough, requiring us to face an uncomfortable truth or confront uncomfortable feelings, or let go of secure (but self-undermining) beliefs or attachments.

However, there can be a "pot of gold" waiting for us at the end of this rainbow - a new sense of lightness, love and joy in our life. The greatest reward of all can be a new and deeper sense of self-knowledge, self-compassion, self-forgiveness, self-love and self-caring.

The Carpenters famous hit song "Top of the World" (see lyrics) sums up what this new lightness and joy and renewed love of life can feel like...


The Carpenters - Greatest Hits on CD

The Carpenters - Greatest Hits on CD
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