Manual of Natural Treatments for Pets - Science & Tradition

Natural Veterinary Remedies - Acupuncture and veterinary medical herbal treatment - Health Problems Treatments for Pets Dog Cat
An Holistic & Integrative Approach to Treating Health & Disease
Complementary Health Remedies for Dogs & Cats
Written by:
Qualified Veterinarians who also trained in Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture and Homeopathy

Quick-reference, practical guide to dietary, nutraceutical, herbal, homeopathic and acupuncture remedies for common disease states of pet animals.

The book brings together traditional Chinese medicine and Western Scientifc Medicine approaches to diagnosis of disease conditions and therapeutic practice for canine and feline behaviour problems. The textbook is suitable for non-vets, introducing basic concepts of Chinese medical understanding with a body-systems approach containing discussions of natural therapies for common disorders presented against a background of conventional western scientific medical understanding.

Focussed mainly on small animals and especially cats and dogs, but covering some disease states and organ systems that also occur in farm animals and horses.

        Part One: Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine: diagnosis, pulse-taking
      • The Five Elements of Chinese medicine: the cooking fire
      • Chinese medicine as a basis for an alternative medical approach
        Part Two: Clinical Treatment Strategies by Organ System
      • Therapy for pet behavior problems - anxiety, dysfunctional behaviour
      • Therapies for cardiovascular disorders - heart and blood vessels
      • Treatments for skin complaints in animals
      • Therapy for digestive disorder eg diarrhoea (UK) diarrhea (U.S.)
      • Therapies for ear disease in the dog and cat
      • Therapies for endocrine disorders - hormonal problems
      • Therapies for blood or immune system dysfunction
      • Therapies for infectious diseases
      • Curing and supporting liver disease
      • Therapies for musculoskeletal disorders e.g. lameness
      • Medications for neoplastic disorders (cancer)
      • Therapies for nervous system disorders in dogs and cats
      • Therapies for ophthalmologic lesions - eye & sight problems
      • Therapies for respiratory disorders - breathing & coughing problems
      • Therapies for reproductive disorders - female and male complaints
      • Treatments of urinary problems - bladder & kidney
      • Appendix A Guidelines for Home-made Therapeutic Diets
      • Appendix B Chinese Food Medication
      • Appendix C Suggested Oral Herb Doses for Small Animals
      • Appendix D Chinese Herbs Reference Table
      • Appendix E Cat and Dog Acupuncture Points
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