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"How Beautiful the Mountains!"
A Poem By Ruth St. Denis Published in...

"Wisdom Comes Dancing - Writings of Ruth St. Denis on Dance, Spirituality and the Body"

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You who worship music, Or the painterís art, cease with me an instant from your labours in studio and theatre, workshop and concert hall...
Let us listen to the Eternal Music and inwardly behold the Perfect Image!
Let us move to the silent beats of the Perfect Soul Dance!
For this is my message, the message of a dancer...
Within your being, within your mind and your living body, lies a world of joy and power!
Within you lies a kingdom, that you know little of...
The kingdom of fearless living, of sharing love, and the unfolding glory of your infinite being!
All this and more is yours!
Cease from creating a world of lifeless machines and learn how to use your living ones.
Cease from your pride of conquest and learn to realise your inheritance of joy.
Dance in the morning - Dance in the night!
The dance of victory and joyous praise!
Let your children dance and your aged dance...
Let all things move in the rhythm of Life!
Let us dance alone and let us dance together!
Bending with the tides and swinging with the stars...
Beating with the heart drums and running with the winds...
For visions will come and powers will expand!
Love will renew itself and the mind grow clear.
O dancers of earth in the East and the West, tell the spiritís meanings with courage and love.
In the temples of old they had a saying "They entered as humans and left as Gods!"
Our task is for beauty, for freedom and joy...
We begin in self-limitation - We end as light!
We begin in art worship - we end in Godís prayers!
For our dancing feet bring peace and rhythms of another world...
Our moving arms cast the suns rays in gestures, uplifted and wide.
Our bodies move in rhythmic spirals, powerful and free.
For we are dancers upon the mountain!
Come and join us now, for we bring peace in beauty of the dance - Divine and Free!

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