Path of Healing  

Medical Science (evidence based medicine) as developed during the 20th century is a left-brain approach to the management of health and disease
Traditional healing skills, as practised over the centuries, are a right-brain approach to health and lifestyle problems
Combined together the two approaches make a powerful combination


YinYang symbol of holism - balance of energy flow
compared with
Evidence-based Medicine


Scientific Medicine is based on the premise that people and animals are biological mechanisms operating in logical and reproducible ways and that healthcare professionals and researchers are detached observers capable of detecting consistent disease patterns (diseases, diagnoses, syndromes).
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Healing is based on the concept that human and animal life are biological manifestations of "consciousness" - a non-physical (metaphysical) entity which can exist (e.g. as a "soul") within a physical body, but also has non-physical (energetic) connections with other consciousnesses and to a "divine" or "universal" consciousness of some kind. "Healing" is primarily concerned with underlying abstract metaphysical processes (beliefs, connections, experiences, meanings, motivations, perceptions, suffering) as well as their (secondary) material manifestations (disease, dysfunction).
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Healing compared with 20th Century Scientific Medicine (EBM)
(table is necessarily generalised & simplified - apologies to anyone offended!)
Scientific Medicine
Aids natural mechanisms, uses natural forces Materials & methods often un-natural
Methods derived anecdotally, intuitively or experientially Methods derived from rigorous documentation & critical analysis
Placebo (psychogenic) effects exploited Placebo effects discounted
Works with metaphysical (spiritual) as well as physical phenomena Scope restricted to physical and linguistic phenomena
Can deal with new or unresearched situations Restricted to research that has been done
Healer personally involved, uses personal charisma, gives unconditional love, vulnerable to counter-transference Provider is detached, objective, safe from intimacy or projection
Subject may become "a case of..."
Focus: integration of past fragmentation, cleansing of acquired "impurities", moving forwards to a more expansive experience Focus: curing (restoration of normal structure, function), alleviating suffering


Healing and Scientific Medicine have areas of overlap but also some fundamental differences in approach. They can often be used together, either in complementary or contemporaneous alternative ways. Both systems can make significant contributions to healthcare and both are also open to abuse, error, and inconsistency - as are all human activities (a UK scientific medicine doctor recently became the greatest British serial killer of all time, after deliberately killing 215 of his patients).

Healthcare workers have the opportunity to be simultaneously scientist and healer - thus practising both the science and art of medicine!
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Basic concepts in Healing...
is movement towards
characterised by:
is movement towards
Dis-ease & Dysfunction
characterised by:
   Wholeness (resource-fulness)    Fragmentation (separation splitting)
   Balance (centredness self-discipline)    Imbalance (craving driven obsessed)
   Direction (manifestation, "on course")    Entropy (deadness, collapse, emptiness)
   Harmony (humility, synchronicity)    Discord (conflict, dissonance)
   Flow (life force, vigour, vitality)    Blocked (stuck, dissociated)

Author:  Dr. Mike Meredith



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