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Psychoneurobiology - The scientific approach to  Mind~Body~Spirit

PsychoNeuroBIOLOGY is the growing body of scientific research into the relationship between psyche (spirit, emotions), neurones (nervous system - mind) and biology (the study of the physical manifestation of "life" i.e. the body). Psychoneurobiology is a scientific re-framing of the ancient mind, body, spirit (holism) concept of traditional Chinese medicine.

PsychoNeuroIMMUNOLOGY is the exciting science that studies relationships between psyche (spirit, emotions), neurones (mind) and immune function (disease resistance).

PsychoNeuroImmunoMEDICINE is the application of the above sciences to HEALTH & HEALING in order to uplify vitality [the human Chi, Ki, Prana, Life-force, "energy field" or "aura"] and boost your immune system. There is vast modern scientific evidence - for over half a century now! - of how emotional life [especially repressed or disconnected emotions] impacts the immune system. Sadly this has found very little application s far in mainstream medicine, where infectious disease control often focusses on fighting or removing the causative bacteria, viruses etc, and neglects the potential part that boosting the immune system or, perhaps more usefully still, clearing the factors that are depressing natural healthy defence mechanisms.

When improved natural resistance - "boosting the immune system" - is practiced, the focus is often on dietary supplementation. Other important factors, such as exercise, lifestyle, vitality and emotional self-awareness, emotional health and emotional intelligence skills, often get neglected.


Balancing Mind and Emotions for a Healthy Immune System The Balance Within:
The Science Connecting Health and Emotions
by Esther M. Sternberg
This textbook explores the mind-body connection and what it means for health. Esther Sternberg provides accounts of the experiments that reveal the physical mechanisms, the nerves, cells and hormones - used by the brain and immune system to communicate with each other. She describes just how stress can make us more susceptible to all types of illness, and how the immune system can alter moods.
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*Psychoneurobiology in Animals: Mental, Physical, Emotional Health in Animals
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Clearing Held-in, Held-onto or Disconnected Destructive/Self-destructive Feelings & Impulses:

*Cathartic Healing



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