Interpretation of Symbols & Scenarios in Dreams, Visions & Shamanic Journeys

Much of our stress, unease and dis-ease comes from having created a society which is too complicated, over-demanding and over-stimulating
Stressful Modern lifestyles repeatedly Trigger - then Repress - our Primal DNA Energies
Your Dreams & Visions can guide you back to healthy, natural living!

Dream Symbols of Our Repressed Free-Spirit Nature!
Empowerment via Totem Animals & "Power Animal" Visions

The Horse as Archetypal Embodiment of Our "Wild Spirit" Instinctive Nature!

Simplicity as a Tool for Healing - Natural Free-Spirited Ways of Living!
Don't be afraid to be weak - Don't be too proud to be strong!
Just look into your heart my friend - That will be the return to yourself
If you want, then start to laugh - If you must, then start to cry
Be yourself - don't hide - Just believe in destiny!

"The Return to Innocence" by Enigma

Vitality - Sensuality - Devotion

An inspiring ballad from Enigma's Greatest Hits CD:
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This greatest hits audio CD draws on four Enigma discs released between 1990 and 2000. Love Sensuality Devotion splendidly documents the influential output of Michael Cretu, a techno-bohemian who successfully creates cinematic, otherworldly New Age musical suites. Now, more than a decade removed from the arrival of Sadeness and its eyebrow-raising mix of sacred and sensual subplots, people can debate whether Cretu's music represents savvy commercial calculation or satisfying art.
Includes tracks with intriguing blends of atmosphere and rhythm, such as "Gravity of Love", "TNT for the Brain" and "Morphing Thru Time", revealing an inventiveness that demonstrates Cretu is capable of more than sophisticated novelty tunes. Remastered older tracks segue beautifully to exude a satisfying, seamless unity of the best music by Enigma. Review by Terry Wood

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Let Your River of Consciousness Flow!
Water as a Dream Symbol of Flowing Life Energy

When Breath, Emotions, Passion & Spirit flow in harmony we are At One with Nature!

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