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Michael Harner Shamanic single & double drum Journey Drumming CD Shaman's Vision Journey - Experience sacred wisdom & inner peace of healing - soothing trance music played on authentic Shamanic drums & Native American Flute - ancient Lakota chants, guitars, sounds of nature, Crystal Bowls

The CDs above are for Journeying when you have no-one to drum for you, click the above images for details

Shamanic Journey Drumming"
Journeying is an effective tool for expanding consciousness, renewal of our life force and integration of conscious and unconscious minds. Journeys can involve travel to The Lower World of archetypal "power animal" energies and qualities, The Middle World of earthly, everyday-world nature spirits or to The Upper World where we can meet our spirit guides, guardian angels and wise elders ("ascended masters") who appear in human form. More about Shamanic Journeying.

"Shaman's Vision Journey"
Experience the sacred wisdom and inner peace of shamanic healing - soothing-trance music invites you to remember who you are, where you came from, and where you are going. Award-winning artists David & Steve Gordon combine authentic shamanic drumming and Native American Flute melodies with ancient Lakota chants, guitars, sounds of nature and the healing resonance of Crystal Bowls. This album consists of 4 serenely hypnotic 20-minute movements that correspond to the Native-American four directions. The included booklet describes "How to Take a Shamanic Journey" plus "Empowerment through Sacred Chant" - explanations of how to use this recording with its gentle-heartbeatas a sonic tool for your Shamanic journeys. This peaceful music will nourish Massage, Meditation and Yoga sessions, as well as being the perfect music for starting your day or unwinding at night.



---------------- Shamanic Drumming & Trance Dance Music CDs ----------------


"Ascend from The Lowerworld" by Urban Shamans Movement

Purchase MP3 online - Didgeridoo, Gong, Drums & Self-expressive Dance.


"Spirit Vision" from "Earth Drum Visions"

Images of ocean, cliffs, Pacific Coast, Autumn/Fall in a forest. Trance beats with Taos Log Drums, Incan Pan Flutes, electric and acoustic guitars, atmospheric synthesizers and sounds of nature. The vision unfolds...Golden leaves drift silently to the ground and many rivers flow to the sea. The cycle of life constantly renews. There is no loss, only a stream of constant change. The Shaman sees the interdependence of all beings on the great wheel of life. Filled with deep peace and compassion, he smiles with inner joy. This song uses a trance-inducing 12/8-4/4 polyrhythm played on African drums with an E Minor Native-American flute to take us on a journey to a sacred place of visions. Halfway through the song, the music changes to a major key and to acoustic guitar and Incan pan pipes. This conveys the joyful vision and affirmation of life. The images of autumn remind us of the cycle of the seasons and the annual rebirth of the sun.

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TRANCE journeying: dynamic inner exploration, supports expanded states of awareness and shamanic journeys to wholeness, theta wave altered state of consciousness Music CD Explore spiritual realms with ancient shaman sounds - Holding Space - Shamanic inner travel mysticism - Archaeology of the soul - sacred chants Music The Shaman's Heart with Hemi-SyncŪ - Metamusic by Byron Metcalf - Drum, Rattle, Birds & Animals sounds - Native American Tribe Instruments for alphamusic
Byron Metcalf: "Induction" & "The Shaman's Heart" [Soul Retrieval / Trance Dance music CDs]

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Sacred Earth Drums by David & Steve Gordon - Spirited drumming - Native American Tribal Instruments Drum Medicine by David & Steve Gordon - Shamanic drumming - Native American Shamanism Sacred Spirit Drums - Mother Nature Gaia sounds - wolf howl, eagle cry, coyote, humpback whale, bird calls, Native American flute, Inca panpipes


Shamanic Trance Dance Music by Urban Shamans Movement

"Now You Are Here! MP3" - to find yourself, be yourself, express yourself! Set your intention, set yourself free, connect to the spirits! - Dance!





Musical Rhythms for Alpha-wave Meditation & Theta-waves States
(Altered Consciousness)

The Shaman's Heart with Hemi-SyncŪ - Metamusic by Byron Metcalf - Drum, Rattle, Birds & Animals sounds - Native American Tribe Instruments for alphamusic Explore spiritual realms with ancient shaman sounds - portal for shamanic inner travel mysticism - Instruments: frame drums, bass drums, clay pots, flutes, overtone singing, sacred chants Music CD




As we develop, purify and discipline ourselves we become a healing force in the life of others...
A Shaman!
...a living portrait of practical lifeskills, natural holistic living, magical healing rituals and loving community service


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