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Dances of Universal Peace

Solar Renewal & St. Valentine Day: Sacred Circle Dances & Songs
Lughnasadh / Lammas - Circle Dances & Songs
November - Sacred Circle Dances & Chants for Autumn
Sacred Healing Circle Dances, Chants & Integrative Walking Meditations
Mabon - Autumn Equinox Dances Songs Chants
Easter Ostara - Sacred Circle Dances Songs Chants
November Winter Sacred Circle Dances, Songs, Chants
Winter Solstice - Yule Sacred Circle Dances, Yuletide Songs, Chants
Pentecostal Fire - Enlightenment - Gnosis - Self-Realisation
Spring Renewal + Feast of St. Valentine
Summer Solstice Sacred Circle Dances
Samhain Winter Solstice Sacred Circle Dances
Imbolc Sacred Circle Dances, Songs, Chants
Beltane - Celebration of Summer Start

Shamanism & Shamanic Drumming

Sacred Drumming - Online Videos of Shamanic Drum & Rattle Rhythms
Shamanic Drumming - Online Videos of Drum Rhythm Music - Also Shamanism CDs DVDs
Inka Shamanism - Native American Music & Dance Videos - Alborada Andes Flute & Peru Panpipes Band
Shamanic Medicine Cards - Find Your Power Animal

On-line Self-Healing Materials

Self-Healing Meditation Videos & Guided Chakra-clearing - Heal mind body spirit
Healing & Purification via Visualization Exercises & Self-hypnosis
Experience Sound Healing now with Ancient Sacred Sounds & Hypnotic Graphics
Path of Healing - Heal mind body spirit - Holistic Health
Principles of Healing and Wholeness
Healing skills and arts - healer training workshop
World Peace Day Events in United Kingdom
World Healing and Peace Day Cambridge area UK
Archetypal Energy Patterns - Working with Archetype Cards


Native American Flute Music of Wayra - Download Listen & Watch Video Free
Introduction to Epidemiology - Student Guide Textbook by Thomas C. Timmreck
Epidemiology Training for Nurses & Caring Professions
Animal Emotions Cruelty Suffering Mental illness Healthy Well-being
Natural holistic veterinary treatments Dog cat pet health problem advice
Autobiography of a young woman's descent into Mental Illness
Caring for Mentally Ill People - Family Care Experience
Mental Health - Psychiatric Illness Issues UK NHS 2005
Tools for Healing and Self-expression - Blogs Weblogs Blogging
Let Go Let God - Skill and Art of Letting go
Love Marriage Sexual Relationships good advice famous quotes
Healing Power of Illness - Meaning of symptoms - Disease lessons
Household accident statistics - UK home safety advice
Healthy mind and emotions Meals Recipes - Foods to eat
Touching the Rock - An Experience of blindness
Medical Learning Nurse Teaching Doctor Training Veterinary Education
Overcome Depression - Treatment books and Depressed manuals
Wild Health - wild animal self-medication review
Complementary Treatments - Alternative Medicine - Health Resources
Universe Wholeness - Implicate Order by physicist David Bohm
Natural Health - Nature Medicine - Cures Remedies Treatments
To Walk on Water Get Out of the Boat - Review
You Can Heal Your Life Louise L. Hay healing books
Atkins Slimming Diet safety - weight loss health warning
Salmonella in Animals Consumers and Food review
Reflective Practice Guide for Trainee Nurses and Midwives
Stress relief humour - Help I'm Laughing and I Can't Get Up
Cathartic Experiences and Healing - Techniques Guide
Transformative Meditations - Ancient Spiritual Wisdom
Autogenic breathing training for stress relief
Stress effects on health and stress-related diseases
Cosmic Wholeness and Implicate Order by physicist David Bohm
Problems of Spiritual Community Idealistic Lifestyle
On Top of the World - Feel that feeling!
Energy Field Healing - Colour Therapy - Aura and Chakra Clearing
Secrets of Joy - source of inspiring quotations
Khalil Gibran much quoted book "THE PROPHET" - Famous Source of wise inspiring quotations
Shamanism - Healing & Journeying CDs - Drumming & Shamanic Trance Dance Music

Holistic Health & Healing

Psychoneurobiology - Science of Healthy Mind Body Spirit Emotions
Healthy Living Advice - From Dogs to People
Holistic Healing versus Evidence-based Scientific Medicine
Health problems - Common human disease conditions
Wholeness - personal development psychology healing
Holistic Healing - Wholeness versus Fragmentation
Human health problems - Common medical diseases
First aid treatment biological weapons casualties
On-line medical student health lecture notes

Music for Healing

Simplicity as a Tool for Healing and Well-being


Native American Sacred Sweatlodge Ceremony Photograph

Tools & Techniques for Healing

Psychic Intuitive Hand Reading - Soul Connection Skills
Reflective Practice Problem-Solving Skills Business and Professional
Reflective Practice Teaching Skills Development for Teachers
Fasting Guidance - Beginners Fast Practice Guidelines
Shamanic Healing - Shamans - Shamanism - Spirit Guides
Shamanic Healing - Drumming - Shamanic Journeying
Quality Decision-making in Health - Healthcare Management
Healing Touch - Massaging & Supporting 5 Levels of Human Experience
Bodywork - Healing held-in trauma energy blocks
Catharsis - emotional spiritual or physical release in healing
Alchemy of Creativity - Transformation - Healing
Reflection Meditation for Professional Skills Training
Reflective Practise for customer service and medical education
Reflective Practice Guidance - What does it look like
Reflective Practice nursing skills technique teaching
Reflective Practice literature, references, resources
Reflective Practice personal experience and guide
Feedback and Reflection Skills Taught in Teacher Training
Textbook reading list notes - decision management skills
Healthcare professional as an authority figure
Science Statistics Reason - Healthcare authority sources
Post-modern Society medical postmodernism - veterinary health services
Postmodernism for Health and Healthcare Workers
Literature on Decision-making Professional Skill
Reflective Practice and Decision-Making Protocol
Centring Grounding Clearing Connecting Harmonising
Energy Healing Clearing Blocks Revitalise Blocked Feeling
Supportive Healing - Way of Responding to Suffering
Guided Healing - Change a Lifestyle Pattern
Spiritual Healing - empowerment of personal life-Force
Containment Healing - Hold and Transform Suffering
Healer training - Healing techniques Train healers
Sacred Spiritual Dances & Songs
Video demonstrations - Dances of Universal Peace DUP UK
Sacred Dance - Dancing Spirit - A Poem
Chant & Dance the Aramaic Teachings of Jesus - The Beatitudes


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