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Guidance Notes on Ways of Healing


Intervention Healing


Intervention Healing is the most hazardous type of healing, both for healer and for the person being healed. It involves impacting the distressed person with words (e.g. advice, suggestions) or actions that throw the person "off course" from the pattern (of thinking, feeling, believing, behaviour etc) which they would otherwise follow. For example, the validity of particular self-beliefs might be challenged, or the basis for perceptions about events or people might be challenged. Alternative interpretations for the significance of particular events might be proposed.

Serious risks:
Intervention Healing is not a tool to be used lightly or frequently - there are serious risks...

Despite the risks, circumspection and self-examination needed for successful intervention healing, it is a key approach in certain situations, such as...


Author:  Dr. Mike Meredith


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