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Healing the anxiety of separation - Read hands to connect with heart and soul Healing separateness - psychic hand reading to connect via heart and soul

Psychic hand-reading is a way of connecting to others at a deeper level

Soul Essence - Connection Skills...

Esoteric psychic hand reading - intuitive reading of a person's soul essence via their hands - A mystical technique for developing self-knowledge and soul connection psychical skills

Intuitive Hand Reading  -  Psychic Hand Reading

Intuitive and Psychic Hand Reading skills are both a practical relationship tool and also a sacred esoteric path to self-knowledge and soul-connection.

This meditative and spiritual form of hand-reading is NOT about palmistry NOR predicting the future.

Psycho-intuitive reading of hands is about sensing subtle features of the heart and soul essence of another person. When we read the hands of other people we reflect back to them a part of their own inner spiritual character or "essence" which they may have lost touch with, or even not yet made contact with.

There is also a possibility to deepen our connection or relationship to them by seeing beneath the surface personality, which might currently be stressed, dysfunctional, hostile or "struggling" in some form.

When we have our hands read by another person, or better still, by a series of people in a workshop, we get a useful reflection back to us of our own inner nature or higher inner potential. Sadly, for most of us, there are far too few occasions in life when we give and receive really positive feedback to each other. Psychic-intuitive palm-reading provides a structure for us to do this without feeling self-conscious or embarrassed.

Hand-Reading versus Hand-Raiding! - Will Our Dark Secrets be Revealed?

This type of hand-reading works via communication between the higher self (divine guidance or deep inner wisdom) of the hand owner and the higher-self of the hand reader. In my experience these higher selves only reveal to the hand reader what they judge is the best interest of the hand owner.

Are Certain Religious Beliefs Necessary?

No! - this particular technique of hand reading can be undertaken within the context of your current religious belief system, or even in the absence of any religious or spiritual beliefs. It is purely "experiential" - whatever labels or understanding that you place on the practise is entirely personal. My own workshops take place within the context of acceptance (tolerance) and unconditional love that I personally call "sacred" and is the basis for all meditation-based deeper connections to the metaphysical (non-physical) resources within ourselves and those around us.

Is this a Healing Technique?

Most definitely!
Psycho-intuitive hand reading promotes...

  * raised self-esteem (see raising self-esteem)
* wholeness (resourcefulness & empowerment)
* balance & centredness, self-knowledge
* connection & harmony in relationships
* direction (focus, purpose, meaning, truth)



Intuitive and Psychic Skills Training Courses in United Kingdom...

Psychic and Intuitive Skills courses are run in the UK by physiologist Dr. Mike Meredith who is an holistic stress consultant and healer. Read his articles & poems, listen to relaxing music or laugh at the stress management cartoons at www.stress-counselling.co.uk
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