World Healing Day - September 10th 2003


If you are interested to join an event in the Cambridge area please contact: Mike or Ralph


Why September 10th?
Why Bother with World Healing?



Report on the World Healing Day August 22nd 2002
Gathering at Bar Hill, Cambridge, United Kingdom

Healing - Sharing - Singing
around a woodland campfire in close contact with nature

Throat and Heart Chakras were opened with some moving songs and drumming around the campfire led by Ralph Nimman

Shey led some energy-healing work in a circle.

Mike led a Shamanic journeying in which some useful power animals were retrieved from the unconscious and grounded in conscious personal development work.

The World Healing meditation began at 11.20 pm consisting of shared insights and focused positive thoughts dedicated to awakening our consciousness to the advancement of peace and healing. 11.29 pm was the special moment of planetary conjunction


Sorry you could not join us on this occasion - for news of future events contact: Mike or Ralph


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