Awakening Energy Centres & The Kundalini Circuit via Colour Meditations
Videos to Expand Consciousness & Self-Awareness

Spiritual Development - Basic Video Animation Review of Chakra Healing

Energy Healing - How to Open Your Chakras - Understanding Energy Blocks
Heal Dysfuncational Energies - Colour Therapy - Aura & Chakra Clearing
Ambika's Guides to Healing the Human Auric Energy Field
Journey of Self-discovery How to Work with the Energies of Chakras and Archetypes self-healing book by Ambika Wauters Ambika's Guide to Healing and Wholeness The Energetic Path to the Chakras and Colour - energy healing manual by Ambika Wauters The Angel Oracle by Ambika Wauters shows how to work with angels in daily life . The 36- card pack features Renaissance-style depictions of guardian angels and angel princes, along with explanations of their function and purpose

Open & Balance Your Third Eye Ajna Chakra - Meditation & Colour Healing

Journey into Your Inner World - The Thousand-Petal Lotus of Your Cosmic Being!

Energy Field Healing - Color Therapy - Aura & Chakra Clearing

Angel Oracle by Ambika Wauters - Guide to working with angels in daily life - 36 card deck pack features Renaissance-style images of guardian angels - explanations of uses and angelic guidance
"Angel Oracle" & "Deck of Angels Cards"
By Ambika Wauters
Guide to daily working with angels and angelic archetypal energy:

The "Angel Oracle" guidebook shows how to work with angels in every-day life and situations. The 36 card pack features classical Renaissance style pictures of guardian angels and angel princes and explains their function and purpose.

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Inner Journey of Self discovery - Work with the Energies of Chakras and Archetypes self-healing book by Ambika Wauters

"Journey of Self-Discovery"
How to Work with the Energies of Chakras & Archetypes

Understand Human Archetypes and Chakras

This book on self-healing by Ambika Wauters can help a person in their life's journey. Archetypes are the collective qualities of a particular type of person. For example, Marilyn Monroe was the archetypal sex symbol of the 20th century, and Rambo the quintessential macho archetype.

Archetypes have been used as a model for self-awareness for many years, and since the publication of Carl Jung's "Archetypes of the Unconscious" people have gained insights into themselves by focusing on their archetypes.

This book argues that creating healthy archetypes is fundamental to our inner healing. In her healing work, the author uses archetypes to describe states of energy, emotional awareness and behavioural patterns, and links our negative and positive archetypes to the chakras, or energy centres of the body. The book shows how to focus on these archetypes as part of the inner healing process and use the insights gained as a way of understanding motivations and behaviour. It then illustrates how an individual can transform their current archetypes and create a more confident, mature and empowered archetype for themselves.

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Ambika's Energetic Guide to Human Chakras & Energising Therapeutic Colors

Ambika Guide - Heal Become more Whole Holistic Energetic Path to the Chakras and Colour - energy healing manual by Ambika Wauters

"Ambika's Guide to Healing and Wholeness"
The Holistic Energetic Path to Chakras and Colour

An Energy Healer's Manual by Ambika Wauters

More and more people are becoming interested in Eastern healing and want to bring it into their own life. Ambika's way of healing and growth is based on color and energy to balance the chakras (body energy centres) and promote well-being in all aspects of our life.

Ambika, therapist, healer and teacher, explains the chakra system and chakra colours and how they carry within the components of growth, maturity and development that we need. Ambika describes how we can use energy and colour to heal ourselves of specific problems, become more alive with an increase in personal creativity and effectiveness and a renewal of our zest for life.

She describes how our chakras become blocked and unbalanced affecting our health, emotions and experiences. She describes movement, breathing, colour meditation, chakra massage, dowsing and sealing, gemstones, aromatherapy and affirmations techniques that will enable you to work on your chakras and release blocked energy. The book ends with a unique game based on your archetypes and chakras which is fun to play and will help you to know yourself better.

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