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  Meditation and Aramaic Prayer for Creativity and Transformation - ancient wisdom of the Lord's Prayer and Beatitudes from The Sermon on the Mount  


Sound Healing via Aramaic Body Prayer in the Throat Chakra - Healing Chants - Body Prayers - Moving Meditations in Aramaic

Sound Healing - Aramaic Body-Prayer - The Throat Chakra
Healing Chants, Body-Prayers & Meditations in Aramaic


The Holistic Healing Power of Teachings in an Ancient Guttoral Language:

Aramaic is one of the world's most ancient languages, originating in an era when all human expression was holistic. These Aramaic chants incorporate "back of the throat" guttoral sounds, whose progressive loss from our present-day language is claimed to have contributed significantly to the increased incidence of throat chakra energy flow blocks, throat chakra energy congestion and associated addictive dysfunction in our society.

"The Healing Breath" is a collection of body and breath based moving meditations on the Beatitudes. The author - psychologist, Sufi mystic, scholar of Middle-Eastern relgions and musician Dr. Neil Douglas-Klotz - teaches that "To access the Great Healer (Jesus / Yeshua)'s path to wholeness and fulfillment, you must walk (live your life) The Beatitude Way".

Via The Healing Breath, Douglas-Klotz, whose Sufi name is "Saadi Shakur Chishti", guides us into the heart of Jesus' language, insights and Judean culture to show you how this very moment - no matter how difficult - is the right time to experience the full promise of God's blessings.

The CD includes 24 authentic body prayers - as Jesus first taught them - incorporating breath, sound, and gentle movement and putting us in touch with the original spirit of Gnostic Christianity of Yeshua (Jesus) as opposed to the politicised, patriarchal implementations of his teachings some centuries later. The CD contains 7 hours of teachings, body-based meditations, songs and chants.

How did Jesus achieve his miracles of healing? Tap into his healing energy and wisdom and expand your capacity to love and connect to the principle of the "Universal One-ness of all Creation".

Saadi is named after the 13th-century Persian poet and prophet "Saadi" whose famous quotes included:

"Whatever is produced in haste, goes easily to waste!"
He also wrote this poem which graces the entrance to the Hall of Nations of the UN building in New York...

Of one Essence is the human race
Thusly has Creation put the Base.
One Limb impacted is sufficient
For all Others to feel the Mace.

Saadi also told this parable...

A poet was given a bit of ordinary clay. The clay smelled so vibrantly of sweet perfume that its fragrance filled the room.
"What are you, musk or ambergris?" he asked.
"I am neither," it answered, "I am just a bit of common clay."
"From where then do you have this rare perfume?" the poet asked.
It replied "I have been all summer in the company of The Rose!"

Rumi Poem: What Was Said to the Rose!

The Healing Breath CD
Body Based Meditations on the Beatitudes

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The Genesis Meditations - A Practice of Peaceful Meditative wisdom for Christian, Jew and Muslim

The Genesis Meditations
A Shared Practice of Peace for Christians, Jews and Muslims

by Dr. Neil Douglas-Klotz:

Uniting Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, this book teaches how early mystics, including Jesus, meditated in all three great religions springing from the Middle East. World-known religion scholar and translator Neil Douglas-Klotz finds that all three faiths, in spite of apparent differences, share an emphasis on sacred beginnings.

Dr. Klotz, whose Sufi name is "Saadi", reviews some of the world's major creation legends and connects them to creative and life-transforming meditations amd wisdom that we can use today.

Over the centuries, he points out, Westerners have progressively lost this sense of living and working in harmony with the creative "beginnings" processes of the universe. Instead, he says, we have come to emphasize apocalyptic "endings". Now Dr. Douglas-Klotz seeks to reclaim the life-affirming energy of sacred "beginning time," so that we can experience its creative power for ourselves and our communities.

The Genesis Meditations teaches how Jesus (Aramaic name = Yeshua) probably meditated and recreates step-by-step examples that the reader of the book can follow. The original meditative techniques taught in this book grew from the common ground of all three religions springing from the Middle East: Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. The key, says Neil Douglas-Klotz, is in interpreting Jesus from the standpoint of his own native language, Aramaic. On the basis of such translations, Neil links the meditative practice of Jesus to his way of prayer.

"The Genesis Meditations"
Spiritual Practices of Peaceful Meditative Wisdom for Christian, Jew & Muslim

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