The Healing Power of Illness - Understanding What Your Symptoms Tell You by Thorwald Dethlefson and Rudiger Dahlke Healing Power of Illness - Understand the causes of sickness and learn the lessons your symptoms are offering you

The Healing Power of Illness
Understanding What Your Symptoms Are Telling You
Thorwald Dethlefsen & Rudiger Dahlke


This radical book deprives us of using illness as an alibi for our unresolved problems or unhealthy lifestyle. It reveals that the patient is not always the innocent victim of some quirk of nature or random event, but actually may be the author of his or her own sickness, disability or health problem. In this way Dethlefsen and Dahlke bring the metaphysical aspect of illness to the fore. From this viewpoint symptoms are seen to be bodily expressions of psychological or spiritual conflicts, able through their symbolism to reveal the patient's current problems.

This does not mean that all diseases and disabilities are psychosomatic, but that subtle risk factors can be involved which stem from our behaviour patterns or our attitude to ourself, other people or to life in general. This book opens us up to hope, inspiration, new approaches and a fresh look at ourselves drawing on the signposts of our physical or mental illness symptoms. Lessons can be learned and doors opened by this book!

Review by Benwarsop from Gloucestershire United Kingdom:
This is a profoundly challenging book!

It looks at our shadow-side, and says that illness is an expression of feelings or issues which we are not willing or able to express in any other way.

The basic premise is that every illness has a profound spiritual or emotional purpose.

There is a lot of stuff at the beginning about re-incarnation, which you can read or ignore as you see fit. And there is some fascinating, but not necessarily essential stuff about how the human mind tends to polarise things to oppostites (good-bad, black-white, richer-poorer, sickness-health).

But I find it hard to escape the underlying question which the book poses of why - if twenty people are exposed to a virus - do two specific people become ill? What is the difference in those two people which lets them fall ill?

There are a lot of other challenging questions which the book implies but does not explicitly pose. If a particular illness (which is a tool for expression) is expunged from the world, then how will people express the same thing in the future? This goes some way to explain the rise and rise of non-viral illnesses like cancer, and immuno-suppression illneses like AIDS.

This is a book which every health-worker, every therapist, every body-worker and every doctor should read. This is also a book for everyone who is dealing with every kind of illness.

It does not promise that if you 'understand' the emotional or spiritual cause of your illness you will become miraculously better. But it does help you understand and deal with your own illness in the context of your own life, and the illness of others in the context of theirs.


"The Healing Power of Illness" by Thorwald Dethlefsen & Rudiger Dahlke
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"Your Body's Telling You: Love Yourself:
The Most Complete Book on the Metaphysical Causes of Illnesses and Disease

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A comforting, Nurturing Guide..." (Buyer Review):
A great aid and companion for anyone who wants to get to the very heart of any illness or ailment. Lise Bourbeau's book is a dictionary of dis-eases with an explanation of mental, emotional, and spiritual blocks related to each illness. She explains how to 'let go' on every level and guides you through self forgiveness along the path to complete and permanent healing. Self love is the key, I felt revitalised and transformed, I highly recommend this uplifting read. If you like Louise Hay's 'You Can Heal Your Life Workbook' you'll love this too!

" (Review by Jacques de Guise):
The book describes illnesses in terms of 1) the illness and what it is in medical terms, as well as the description, 2) what your body is saying to you due to this, and 3) what you should be doing in terms of resolving the illness in terms of emotions.

While you may not agree with the principles of metaphysics in health,which in two words, is that all sickness have an emotional reason for being, that most can be cured if the emotional reasons for being are eliminated, the book is certainly one which should be next to your medical and traditional dictionaries. The book is not only highly informative; it is a fabulous thinking tool which makes sense. I can only counsel each and everyone to at least look at it.



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