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(Note: you do not have to be religious to do this!)

LET GO and LET GOD! is a basic tenet of the ancient health and relaxation art of Yoga. Letting go is the ultimate answer to distress, when all else fails. Resisting and rejecting our present experience sometimes just keeps us locked in struggle against it - wasting valuable energy that could go into creative transformation into new patterns and new perceptions. There is a wise saying which goes "What we resist, persists".

Letting go is the ultimate protection against "Burnout"!

Letting go and accepting what is happening does not have to mean "quitting" or "giving up". Let Go Let God means allowing a "space" to occur - a space which can become a crucible of creativity. Letting go opens the door to working in harmony with what is inevitable, rather than using our energy to fight against what is inevitable. As we let go of our wilful need to change the world, we come into our power to transform ourselves, or at least to try a different approach or attitude.

If you believe in a God or other divine mechanism at work in the world and in your life experiences, then the letting go principle is much easier to accept. If you are non-religious, then just try it on the basis that "I have tried everything else and I am still stuck" - many people have found it helpful.

Like all human behaviour, "Letting go" has to be kept in balance. If we take it too literally or do it too often (I call this "spiritual dependency") we may be asking for trouble - surely we are required to take some responsibility for our own life! In The Bible, the prophet Jesus was tempted by the devil to throw himself from a high place and trust that God would rescue him - Jesus wisely refused to abuse the divine power of caring and compassion in this selfish and lazy way.

Why stay stuck? - Why stay locked in struggle, suffering or obsession? Liberate your heart, mind and soul today...

Be Yourself? - Who is That? - How do I do it?

Your mind lusts after "content" - to feed it's own self-importance and sense of control. But YOU are not your life story, personal history, talents or list of achievements, failures, victimhoods, possessions or assets. Underneath these fragile, vulnerable and lose-able "noises" of your life is the STILLNESS and PEACE of your pure natural divine self. "God" or "Goddess" is the deepest essential nature of who you are - a particle, ray or aspect of the greater "God" or "Goddess" - the "Universal Oneness" or "Great Spirit". You are here in this lifetime to have a series of earthly human experiences (the "game" of life - the greatest most dramatic game in the universe!) but at the deepest level you are NOT those everyday-world experiences that you take on as your IDENTITY - your sense of self.

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God grant me Serenity
Accept the things I cannot change
Courage to Change the things I can Change
Wisdom to know the difference!

A major block to "letting go" is what is known in psychology as "neurotic affiliation needs", also known as "dependency". The condition where we are "stuck" or addicted to a relationship which no longer serves our best interests for personal growth, creativity and success.

If we are quite wilful by nature and like to "have things our way" we can get very stressed and suffer terribly when frustrated by things we cannot change e.g. chronic pain, stubborn people, repeated setbacks or failure. In these situations a suprising breakthrough can come from the simple act of "surrender". Surrendering can have a magical effect in opening up new choices or just "stuck things start to change" - sometimes for no logical reason - as when pain and suffering go when we just surrender to them. Ancient wisdom says "What we resist is what we get!" Somehow the force of our resistance can help to keep situations "stuck". This is well known in judo - suddenly giving way after a period of stuck mutual pushing or pulling with an opponent can powerfully throw them off balance and put yourself back "on top"!


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Experience "Letting Go" in a Group Setting?
(Note: Subud is NOT a religion or cult!)

Subud is an international brotherhood / sisterhood composed of people from any faith, religion or spiritual path (or even no religion). There are no priests, no dogma, no doctrines, no charges. Members are united by a desire to practice spiritual development together (men and women practice separately but meet socially together afterwards) via a "Letting Go" and "Surrendering to Divine Guidance" technique called "The Latihan kejiwaan" (meaning spiritual exercise).

In the Latihan practice, Subud members empty themselves and surrender to God (in whatever specific way you personally understand or experience "God"), and via this practice they increasingly reconnect to their deepest inner self and to divine guidance in their lives.

The Latihan is an holistic (Mind, Body, Spirit) spiritual practice that awakens deep inner feeling and a receiving (channelling) of divine wisdom and purification that permeates physical senses and expression as well as mind, emotions and spirit. The aim is to connect with wise inner guidance and enhance peace and stability in one's life.

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