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----------------Drum & Dance along to Joyful English Medieval Music!----------------

Uplifting Singing & Dancing from The Mediæval Bæbes...
A Latin Prayer to the Goddess/Virgin + Pagan Beltaine Song Heralding Spring!

English Translation
Save Us! Star of the Sea and Queen of Heaven, O Virgin Most Special Save Us!
Star of the Sea, Be thou Our Salvation, O ruler of Heaven!

"Salva nos" is on the Babes' CD "Mistletoe and Wine"

The Medieval English Pagan song "Return of The Birds" is performed on their "Mirabilis" CD [UK    Canada    USA]

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----------------Sacred Rhythms of the Wilderness ----------------

"Ancient Way" from "Drum Medicine" CD by David & Steve Gordon

Dawn's light reaches the deep canyons of the spirit-lands. The Shaman awakens with gratitude for the gift of another day. The sun's penetrating rays illuminate the rich colors of the canyons and mesas. He remembers the wisdom of his ancestors and resolves to walk the path of power, healing and peace on this new day.
Studio notes: With this song we wanted to capture the sacred mood of the desert and to connect with the ancient ways of our ancestors who lived in balance on the Earth. To create this feeling we used our collection of large council drums from Taos, New Mexico, a low D Minor Native-American flute and combined them with modern elements such as synthesizers and guitar.

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----------------The Shaman's Drum & Rattle as Instruments of Healing Prayer ----------------

"Prayer for the Four Directions" from "Sacred Earth Drums" CD

This recording was made to provide a musical catalyst for ritual and ceremony - a ceremonial tool for contemporary shamans searching for a way to reconnect with ancient wisdom. Indigenous cultures know that humanity is only a small part of the overall web of life. With shamanic music like this we hope to inspire others to walk in balance on the Earth Mother who nourishes us. Now, more than ever we need to remember the sacredness of all life and reverence for the Earth. This is a message which belongs to all people and all cultures, and hopefully, future generations.

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As we develop, purify and discipline ourselves we become a healing force in the life of others...
A Shaman!
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