Self-Healing Meditation Videos & Guided Chakra-clearing
To Heal Yourself Right Now - Find Your Inner Place of Tranquility
Sound & Vision Art that Calms, Uplifts and Transports You to a Place of Peace

Visionary Art with Crystal Singing Bowl Sound-Healing Music

Stunning Transformative Images + Chakra-Resonant Music from the CD "Sounds of Light"
This Transformational Film can generate Alpha-wave Vibrations of Wholeness, Peace & Harmony

*Soul-mate Relationships: Spiritual Lover, Spirit Sister, Spirit Brother

When Evening Falls - Sleep Well - A Divine Cure for Insomnia!

Beautiful Singing by Enya from her Album "Watermark" [Details: U.K.   USA]
The Magical Beauty of Flowers - Colourful Roses - Soothing Garden & Nature Scenes - A Clear Angelic Voice

*Healing & Purification: Visualization Exercises & Self-hypnosis

A Chakra-balancing, Chakra-healing Session Whenever You Need It!

Relaxing Water Sounds + A Systematic Summary Guide to Properties of Seven Main Chakras
A Chakra-Meditation working on Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Brow, Crown energy centres


Angel Meditation - Angelic Healing - Powerful Imagery

Magnificently Colourful Graphics - Connect to Your Guardian Angel
Relax Into Your Imagination - Feel Yourself Surrounded by Spiritual Love


Experience Reiki Healing - Birdsong, Music, Healing Thoughts

Universal Healing Energy is Always Available to Us!
Let it Soothe Away Your Cares & Concerns - Forget Your Troubles - Lose Yourself in Pure Pleasure!


*Soul Consciousness - Divine Connection versus *Soul-loss, Soul-Retrieval, Soul-healing

*Train as an Holistic or Energy Healer

*More Healing Videos Online


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