Healing & Purification via Visualization Exercises & Self-hypnosis
Positive Affirmations for Self-Renewal, Re-Balance Chakra Energies

Reiki Hand Positions for Self-Treatment

An extract from the DVD included in "The Reiki Touch Kit"
Tibetan Singng Bowl Attunement to Chakra Healing
The 7 main Chakras: root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, crown

Review of Location & function of the 7 main Chakras
See also: Purification via Five Elements Sufi Breathing Practice"
Sacral chakra also known as Hara, Dan Tien or Tan Tien, 3rd eye chakra also called "brow chakra"
Reiki Healing Power Attunement
Tune into the Healing Energies of Earth, Water, Fire & Air.

Reiki Symbol Attunements - 1st Level & Aura Attunement Demonstration Videos
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Reiki Hand Positions for Treating Others

An extract from the Reiki DVD included in "The Reiki Touch Kit" (U.K.    Canada    U.S.A.)


*Experience the Healing Power of Sound & Sacred Geometry

*Healing Circle Dances & Mantra-Chanting Videos

*Free Energy Healing & Self-Healing Videos - Heal Yourself Now via Sound & Art




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