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The Native Flute Music of Wayra
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Wayra: "Ghost Dancer" from "Dreams of the Wind"

Wayra "Dreams of the Wind" Native American Drum & Flute Music: MP3 Download
Wayra: "Voices of the Wind" deeply moving flute & piano

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Quechua - Ancient Inca & Pre-Inca Language of the Andes

Wayra: "River Song" - Soothing sounds of water, birds, flute & piano

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In Quechua, one of the traditional native languages of the Incan culture, Wayra is the word for Wind. Since 1989, Jaime Rodriguez (Wayra) has enjoyed an extensive performance and recording career as the founder of the traditional Incan music bands Llaqtaymanta and Inca Pacha.

The exotic sounds of traditional Incan music can be dated back as many as five hundred years, representing one of the most well preserved forms of Native American culture.

Quechua is an indigenous language (or family of languages) that was spoken in the Andes mountains among curacas long before the era of the Inca culture. The Incas made a version of Quechua their official language for running their Empire. Quechuan languages are still spoken today in various regional dialects by around 10 million people (the "Quechua") in South America, mostly in Peru but also in parts of Bolivia, Colombia and Ecuador,Argentina and Chile.

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