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The Human Spirit is Uplifted when Expressed Sacredly in Harmony with Nature!

Alborada 2004 Lima Peru CD: Amazon UK


Spiritual Creativity and Sacred Self-Expression are Highly Infectious!

Alborada CD 2004 Lima Peru: Amazon UK

Quechua - Ancient Inca & Pre-Inca Language of the Andes

Quechua is an indigenous language (or family of languages) that was spoken in the Andes mountains among curacas long before the era of the Inca culture. The Incas made a version of Quechua their official language for running their Empire. Quechuan languages are still spoken today in various regional dialects by around 10 million people (the "Quechua") in South America, mostly in Peru but also in parts of Bolivia, Colombia and Ecuador,Argentina and Chile.

According to Inca myth, the first Incan emperor, Manco Capac and his family came out of caves near Lake Titicaca. Around 1200 BCE [AD], Manco Capac led ten Inca clans from Lake Titicaca to the fertile valley of Cusco in the north where they formed an alliance with local tribes. The Inca state evolved in the 15th century and became the Inca Empire via a series of conquests, until they in turn were conquered by the Spanish in the 16th century.

The magical mysticism tradition of the Incas is continued today in what is termed "Qapaq Ņan" or "Inka Shamanism" - an holistic nature-and-spirit-based lifestyle/Life Path. Qhapac Ņan also refers to "The Great Inca Trail", "The Inca route" or simply "The Big Path" - the physical Andes Mountain trail which connected the various parts of the Inca Empire - an important channel of communciation.

Qapaq Nan [Qapaq Ñan in the dialect of Quechua that Alborada sing in] is one of the song/dances on the Alborada DVD Volume II [see above]. The Alborada band's clothes come from Inca and Chanka [the tribe which superceded the Incas] traditional art and costume.

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