Path of Healing  

Walking, I am listening to a deeper way
Suddenly all my ancestors are behind me
Be still, they say - Watch and listen!
You are the result of the love of thousands!

Linda Hogan, Native American writer in "The Secrets of Joy"

Guided Healing

Finding the guidance to...
a) Let go of old life patterns
b) Acquire new more self-empowering ways to live


In the first part of workshop 2 we learned about the ways in which our life energy is blocked - internal blocks and external blocks and some ways of clearing the path to more energised patterns of living. This renewed energy can be harnessed to change our life in the direction we dream of.

The word "change" is a pale (safe) reflection of what we really can achieve if we want to. "Transformation" is a possibility for us if we should wish it and be prepared to pay "the price". However, a safer, more cautious approach is also valid if that s what we desire.

The price of transformation is self-honesty, courage and forbearance (i.e. being willing to suffer some initial discomfort in order to create life experiences that will fulfill us). Forbearance (endurance) comes from the cultivation of faith or trust in our inner and outer guidance.

Change and transformation both require that we let go of those things that no longer serve us - even if they were important or useful in the past. This frees-up resources (e.g. energy, time, love, money) to implement new ways of living that will be more fulfilling and less dis-heartening for us.


Where will our guidance come from?

Some people seek a wonderful super-person (guru) who will tell them what to do and how they should live their life.

In contrast, these workshops are based on the principles that...

Learn some powerful ways of connecting to your inner and outer guidance in our...
Healer Development Workshops


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