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Supportive Healing - A Way of Responding to Suffering


"If we do things the way we usually do them - We'll get the results we are getting now!"


What is Healing?

Healing is the journey towards a bigger experience of ourself and a bigger experience of life.
This journey involves changing some of the patterns of living that are no longer serving us well and/or taking on board new ways of thinking, feeling, perceiving and behaving.

BUT! - the problem is that change can be frightening, especially if we are already worn down or exhausted by one or more life situations that are frustrating, painful, draining, or simply just not adequately nourishing us.

Even just to face up to the changes our heart desires can be hard. We may have denied, given-up, or distracted ourselves from the shortcomings in our life for so long that being "split off" has become our way of life. We may have "feather-bedded" or blotted out the discomfort of our "in a rut" lifestyle with addictions such as coffee, chocolate, "junk" foods, alcohol, "couch-potato" TV, or smoking.


What is "Sustainable" Healing?
Sustainable healing involves...
a) Confronting and transforming the inner or outer "demons" (blocks or limitations) that are holding us back, or keeping us "small"
b) Activating, liberating, nourishing and protecting our "inner child"


What is "Supportive" Healing?

a) The inner or outer "demons" (see above) that have defeated us in the past will do so again unless we are well prepared for a new, more powerful, more resourceful and more strategically skilled confrontation with them. Supportive Healing techniques help us transcend our demons.

b) Our "inner child" needs acceptance, encouragement and validation in order to play happily and to find constructive ways of expressing his/her negative reactions to the inevitable frustrations, unmet needs and traumas that life brings us from time to time. Supportive Healing is healing that supports healthy expression of our inner child AND healthy integration of the child and adult aspects of our identity.

c) Supportive Healing helps us to explore how we feeling, what we are experiencing, and how we are responding to the current experience or challenge that life has brought to us. To be clear about our experience and to see it in true perspective (in the light of our real truth) helps us to build a solid and clear base from which to act and to build our future.

d) To be really supportive we need to develop our listening skills - skill in listening to whoever is suffering but also listening skilfully to ourself - our mind, body, spirit, perceptions, emotions, behaviour pattern and relationship experience.


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