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Point Healing: "Presence" - "Power of Now" - "The Inner Journey"

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  • What is "Point" Healing?
  • What Does Point Healing Involve?
  • How is Point Healing Done?
  • Clearing the Mind
  • Clearing Unproductive Behaviour
  • Empowered Decision-Making
  • Clearing Frustration, Releasing Creativity







    What is "Point" Healing?

    Point Healing is the term I use for engaging in healing exercises and processes while at one point in space and time i.e. in the "Here and now". This contrasts with "Flow" Healing where we are healing (journeying towards more wholeness, balance and purpose) while "on the move" i.e. in the course of living and interacting with ourself, the world, the people around us, over a period of time.

    A "Flow Healing" journey often joins up incidents of Point Healing but may also link a flow of dreams, intuitions, insights, synchronicities etc with real-world grounded experiences of self-actualisation, creativity, productivity and enhanced relationship to self and others. "Flow Healing" takes us to a level of living [living in faith and truth] at which living becomes a magical journey - not always comfortable, but constantly feeling that it is a priviledge and adventure to be alive, which leads us into saying things like "My life actually works!" and "Life is not a problem to be solved, but a mystery to be unfolded!".

    "Flow Healing" requires us to transcend ego at "critical decision" points, otherwise we will lose the magical flow of synchronicities and congruences that only intuitive soul wisdom can navigate. It thus requires us to have a good awareness our ego's patterns and a willingness to confront, transform and energetically harness the "shadow" aspects of our ego, as they periodically come into play and sabotage our path of soul wisdom and direction. This has to be combined with a "weeding-out" of our emotional and energy-field over-reactions, under-reactions and "energy blocks" which reveal the moments when our subconscious "baggage" from the past is taking over control of our life. Most of us can only manage living wholly in flow for limited periods of time (then return to our "ego-dramas" and "reliving of the past") but they can be a very beautiful and magical part of the rich tapestry of our life!

    Point Healing and SUFFERING (that is accepted and surrendered to) are potential launch pads into LIVING in FLOW i.e. "EASE" as opposed to DIS-EASE or UN-EASE. The essential skills for moving forward "WITH EASE" are DISCERNMENT (insight) and AUTHENTICITY (self-honesty, living in truth).


    What Does "Point Healing" Involve?

    Healing is a creative process and therefore requires ENERGY, which we must acquire from outside [emotional support, palliative "energy healing" systems such as Reiki, Ilahinoor, EFT, TAT, Quantum-Touch etc] or generate from inside [connection to life force flow and soul purpose etc] or we must liberate trapped and wasted energies of the psyche [e.g. trapped in psychological repression of past trauma, wasted in denial of truth or maintenance of self-serving illusion]. Healing also requires "INTELLIGENT FOCUSSED AWARENESS" ["Mindfulness"], otherwise the energy component will be scattered or used to feed "inner demons", drive ego-reality illusions, or drive insecurity-based "control dramas" [patterns of behaviour aimed at avoiding legitimate feeling experiences].

    Point Healing exercises and processes help us to:


    How is Point Healing Achieved?

    Common practices are:


    Clearing the Mind

    Clearing the mind is often the biggest task in our hyper-aroused society. Our mind becomes cluttered, overworked and over-burdened with:

            • Information overload
            • Rules, protocols, procedures, regulations, bureaucracy
            • Distracting intrusions of other people's agendas and needs
            • Goals and Times fixations (driven-ness)
            • Regrets about the past
            • Worries about the future

    Hyperarousal is an unskilful neurophysiological state in which we tend to be insensitive, impulsive and very self-centred with poor discriminatory ability (lack of insight, judgement and wisdom) and little compassion - maybe even ruthless. It reduces our effectiveness, lowers the quality of whatever we do, and damages our relationships. The old saying goes "more haste, less speed" refers to the inefficiency of the "hyper" ("wound-up", "stressed") state.


    Clearing Unproductive Behaviour

    Obsessive Compulsive Disorder OCD is the extreme clinical manifestation of the common disempowering symptoms of stress: obsession and compulsion ("I have to...", "I must...", "I need to...", "I should..."). Point healing and cognitive therapy techniques can be used to break the time-wasting, energy-draining cycles of obsessive and compulsive behavior.

    In OCD, unnecessary repetitive behaviours such as repeated hand-washing or repeatedly checking switches are switched off or doors and windows are locked etc. can be stressful and exhausting, not only for the patient, but also for a carer.


    The "No" Process for Self-Empowered Decision-Making

    The root of this practice is an emotional clearing/cognitive therapy technique ["The Authority Process"] that I learned and practiced over several years of training with the Kairos Foundation. It is a form of "Inner Journey" work initiated by offering a symbolic object to a healee who is reluctant to accept it. The object may symbolise a difficult decision or indeed any situation which the healee would rather not have to face.

    Often when faced with difficult decisions we are either "split" [can't move forwards] OR we go into "resignation" ["I have to", "I have no choice"] in which case we move forward with LOW POWER [low motivation, negative emotional climate, lowered self-esteem]. Alternatively we go into a potentially self-sabotaging rebellious or "bloody-minded" mode, or we "plunge into any old decision" or "follow any old advice" rather than be blocked. The "Authority Process" and the "No" process are a journey through emotional baggage and "old stuff" subconscious conditioning, into our deepest truth and most empowered decision-making. The end result of these healing techniques might be...

    • The symbolic object is rejected with more clarity, commitment and power than was originally present.
    • The symbolic object is accepted with more clarity, commitment and power than was originally present.
    • A creative solution - new way forward - emerges which circumvents the original polarised "yes/no" decision.
    • It emerges that there is a pivotal dilemma/problem/issue underlying the superficial dilemma/problem/issue.

    Sometimes the Authority Process works really well on it's own and sometimes it becomes "stuck" or produces a half-hearted result with low energy. In these cases I gradually became aware that there was a actually a doorway from that point of "energy block" into the "unconscious mind" of Jungian psychology, or "spirit world" of shamanism, and shamanic healing techniques can be used to carry forward the uncovering of truth and emergence of creative solutions to the original dilemma. I train healers in this approach at the intermediate and advanced levels of shamanic practitioner training.


    Clearing Frustration, Releasing Creativity

    The "No" Process is also a great way to shift creative/productive blocks [writer's block, artist's, student's block etc], especially when blended with catharsis techniques such as "woodland catharsis" [shamanism training] and "cardboard box therapy" [anger management course]. Frustration and Inertia often result from "inner splits" and these can be powerfully resolved by the technology of "Sub-personality Dialogues" [stress management coaching].

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