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The "Healing Touch" practice was first presented at the St. Neots Green Fair in October 2003

Healing Touch Healing Touch

Healing Touch

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What is meant by "Healing"?

Healing is a movement towards...
  • wholeness (resourcefulness & empowerment)
  • flow (spontaneity, aliveness)
  • balance & centredness
  • connection & harmony
  • direction (focus, purpose, meaning, truth)

    There are 5 interconnected "domains" within which healing can occur:
    Body, Mind, Aura, Essence (Spirit or Soul) & Intention (Will).


    What is meant by "Touch"?

    Touch is any form of communication which is...

  • gentle & light (non-demanding, sense-ational)
  • safe (non-possessive, non-invasive)
  • holds meaning (for body, mind, heart or soul)
  • two-way (sensitive, responsive)

    What is the "Healing Touch" Therapeutic Practice?

    This blissful experience created by a series of body and/or energy field touching/holding/massaging manoevres which produce...

  • Centring (coming into the "Here and Now")
  • "Letting Go" of cares, tensions & worries
  • Loosening (flexibility, opening) of mind, body, spirit
  • Energising & Mobilising (our resources)
  • Self-actualisation (creativity, connectivity, self-expression)


    Healing Touch Technology

    Healing Touch workshops bring together relaxation, healing and well-being techniques drawn from stress management, bioenergetics, breath work, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, walking meditation, voice work, conflict management training, intuitive massage, chakra balancing, sound healing, spiritual healing - and more!

    "Healing Touch" is a "grounded in the here and now" practice with no attachment to analysis, diagnosis, history-taking, goals or outcomes. This approach is primarily about "Letting Go" and working spontaneously and intuitively under what we might call "divine" (universal intelligence/connectedness) guidance. The essential skills and qualities of the healer centre around being able to tune into (and stay in) "the flow" free from the distractions and attachments of personal needs, ego-agendas, conditioned thinking or working or neurotic beliefs ("hang-ups!") plus being able to feel and express unconditional love.

    Obviously the above requirements will never be perfectly met in any mere human being, but the "Healing" Touch practitioner will have already done a lot of personal development work and be comitted to a path of humility, service, continuous learning and sustained personal growth.


    Training the "Healing Touch" Healer

    Training workshops for "Healing Touch" are primarily a "healer-centred, process-centred" experiential training rather than a knowledge-based or technology-based training programme. One of the key objectives of "Healing Touch" training is to put trainee healers in touch with their own "inner trainer" and external divine (intuitive) guidance.
    Training programmes: Shamanic Healer Training Courses & Day Workshops


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    "Healing Touch" facilitator based in Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom...

    Physiologist Dr. Mike Meredith is an holistic stress consultant, trainer and healer. Read his articles & poems, listen to relaxing music or laugh at the stress management cartoons at www.stress-counselling.co.uk
    Email him (Enquiry form) or call 01954-789966 in the United Kingdom if you would like to host a "Healing Touch" event, or book a personal session, or join an organised course.


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