Path of Healing  

A positive and fulfilling life is a value-driven life
A set of life-affirming and life-connecting principles or values forms the basis of spiritual living
Spiritual healing is the movement towards a life that is spirited and connected to the world in and around us

Michael Meredith

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Spiritual Healing


What is Spiritual Healing?

Spirit or Life-force is one of the 7 Facets (dynamic energies) of the self-experience of a human being. It is the deep motivating energy that drives us to live, and to manifest our self in a particular way that expresses who we are and what we believe.

Diminution of the life force is experienced in depression. Depletion of our life force is experienced in "burnout".

Spiritual healing can take the form of a religious ritual or religious process, but there are also many forms of spiritual healing that are not "religious". Invigorating our energy and will to live, and to become who we want to become or do the things that we wish in our hearts to do, can take many forms.


Spiritual Healing with Words, Music, Poetry, Art etc

Spiritual Healing comes in diverse forms and can be as entertaining as it is magical and powerful. The symbols and processes of spiritual healing transcend everyday mundane reality and mental reasoning. For example try repeating these words over and over until they penetrate and permeate the deeper, spiritual aspect of your being:

Truth  -  Love  -  Courage  -  Beauty  -  Compassion  -  Benevolence


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  Path of Healing  
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