The Dances of Universal Peace
Since the beginning of time, communities have come together in a circle to dance, sing, share eternal wisdom,
join hearts and express the irrepressible divine nature of the human spirit...
Heart  &  Soul  Nourishment!
....with an attitude of mutual respect, tolerance which mixes joyful celebration with quiet thoughtfulness.
DUP heals, restores, revitalises and inspires the human spirit!
The Dances of Universal Peace

Sacred Circle Dancing in Cambridgeshire 2016
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Cambridge Bar Hill   Monthly DUP Sessions   Saturday Afternoons

Cambridge Bar Hill DUP group meets on the Third Saturday of each Month
2-5pm + refreshments afterwards

Led by Michael Meredith  with Keith Barrett on guitar


Location & Public Transport

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Donation to running costs: 6 per attendance


February 20th 2016 Event
Spring Renewal + Feast of St. Valentine

Join our MEETUP GROUP to let us know you are coming via this RSVP button...

Saint Valentine's Day began as a celebration of the Christian Saint Valentinus who was imprisoned for performing weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to marry and for ministering to Christians, who were persecuted under the Roman Empire. During his imprisonment he healed the daughter of his jailer. Allegedly, before his execution, he wrote her a farewell letter signed "Your Valentine" [More].

Led by Mike & Keith

Dances Led by Mike & Keith

Our Inspirational Dances/Chants will include...

*Native American Walking Meditation: Hey Ungawa (Welcome)

B'reshith Dance in Hebrew - Verse 1 of Genesis


Reminds us of the spacious potential that was there in the beginning and still resides as a deep memory in the cells of our being. In the partner part of the Dance, we help each other clear space and let go of whatever baggage is not truly part of our pre-existing, primordial purpose in life.

Medieval translation: "In the beginning 'God' created heaven and earth".
'Elohim' is plural and only one of the names and personalities for "God" in the Old Testament.
Dr. Douglas-Klotz translation []:
"In the beginning the One that is Many created heaven and earth"
Were YOU there at the beginning of time?


*Celebrating The Feast of St. Valentine: "Only Love is Flowing Here" [Sufi Zikr]

Out Beyond Ideas of Right and Wrong
Right and Wrong judgements have their place but...
excessive judgmentalism limits our capacity for connection & co-creativity.

Out Beyond Ideas of Right and Wrong
There is a field. I'll meet you there!
And we shall let the beauty we love...
Be what we dare!

We will be sharing a beautiful song + circle dance
based on this poem by the 13th-century Persian mystic: Rumi

*Last Line of the Lord's Prayer in Aramaic - Sung Movement Meditation on 'Cosmic Renewal'
Video of full prayer in Aramaic

May this song [prayer] renew itself from Age to Age and from Gathering to Gathering - May this be the Earth from which our New Growth will Spring!


We hope everyone gets a chance to feel what it is like to be in the centre of a Blessing Circle like this!
Note: we will be doing the simpler, non-partner version of this dance.


*'Round and Round We Dance' - Joyful Weaving Dance
Round and Round We Dance, We hold each other's Hands and...
Weave our Lives in a Circle.
Our Love is Strong, The Dance goes On!

Beautifully symbolises our meetings with others as we journey along life's path!



Bar Hill, Cambridgeshire [6 miles NW of Cambridge on A14] DUP Group

Meets in the Community Room, Tesco Bar Hill, 15-18 Viking Way, Bar Hill, Cambridgeshire, CB23 8EL

Directions, Map & Public Transport information

If you possibly can, please let us know you are coming via our Meetup Group [preferably] or Enquiry Form

Visit us on Facebook: Cambridge Healing & Holistic Lifestyle Group  

Cambridge Bar Hill DUP Group - Coming Meetings in 2016
Saturday February 20th   Mike & Keith   Lent + Spring Awakening 2-5pm [refreshments after]
Saturday March 19th   Mike & Keith   Spring Equinox [see above] 2-5pm [refreshments after]
Saturday April 16th   Mike & Keith   Healing Circle Dances & Meditation Walks 2-5pm [refreshments after]



The St. Neots DUP group has now moved to Bar Hill [A14 6 miles NW of Cambridge: details]



Cambridge DUP Group

The Cambridge DUP group meets on the 1st Friday evening of each month 7.30-9.30pm
at The Friends Meeting House, 91-93 Hartington Grove Cambridge CB1 7UB
(off Hills Rd & Cherry Hinton Rd)

Cost: 5 or whatever you can afford

This is an A Capella group (voice-only sung dances)
Led by Margaret Amina, contact her on 01223 365484


No partner is required and no experience is necessary to attend any of the above DUP events

Video Overview of the "Dances of Universal Peace"

We dance simple steps and movements (including sacred hand gestures called "mudras") which symbolise sacred wisdom and divine-connection themes. The movements promote health and wellbeing because they energise and balance the body energy centres (chakras) and engage heart, mind, body, soul and emotions in a holistic synergy.

As we dance we repeatedly chant brief sacred, or other wise, healing or inspirational, "Mantras". These mantric phrases come from a range of languages and sacred traditions or moving, inspiring poems. Apart from the wisdom, love and uplifting spirit contained in these phrases, the vibrations of their sounds have the capacity to resonate in particular areas of our energy system - potentially clearing energy blocks and bring energy to "deadened" areas of our energy system, physical and emotional body.

The overall effect of the dances and chants is to promote relaxation, clear negativity, relieve depression or anxiety, and uplift mood.

*The Dances of Universal Peace - U.K. Network: UK DUP

The DUP dances, chants & wisdom have been developed from a range of spiritual traditions:
Buddhist, Christian (Taize & Aramaic), Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, Pagan (Celtic, Native American, African, Hispanic), Sufi etc

*VIDEOS of The Dances of Universal Peace DUP
*Quotes & Stories of Samuel Lewis - founder of the Dances of Universal Peace

*Download a brochure about this system of Sacred Dance & Song:  DUP Brochure (.PDF)

- Wheel of the Year Seasonal Dance Videos -
Samhain/Halloween   Winter Solstice - Yule   Imbolc Sabbat   Beltane   Summer Solstice (Litha)

*More Sacred Activities, Wellbeing Events & Training: Stress Management & Healing Courses UK

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