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AIR ELEMENT HEALING ENERGY & SKILLS CULTIVATION - 5 Elements Sacred Spiritual Healing Circle Dances, Bar Hill, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, East Anglia



Cultivation of: liberation, balance, emotional connection, discerning truth, inner peace, playfulness, humour.

Without: craving, drama, dissociation, or emotional entanglement.

Dances of Universal Peace in Cambridgeshire UK: Coming Events

Air Energy/Heart Chakra: Meditative & Inspiring Circle Dances & Songs...

"Beauty Is Eternity!"

Beauty is a spiritual quality, not to be confused with "prettiness". You can programme a computer to recognise "pretty" but you cannot programme it to recognise "beauty". It is the spiritual soul within us that can percieve beauty. When we connect to Beauty we connect to our own eternal soul!

Dance lyrics from The Prophet by Khalil Gibran. Music and movements: Nickomo Clarke

Human beings have vital needs: to be loved, feel secure and feel valued. When these needs are not met we start to rage and react - against ourself for letting ourself down and/or against other people, "God" or "Life" for not meeting our needs.

As we spiral down, we focus more and more on the negative: "What is "not working?", "Who/What is "acting against me?".
The downward spiral into negativity and victimhood sabotages our creativity to find a new way forward. We sink deeper and deeper into a rut of misery!

As the old wisdom goes "When you find yourself in a hole - STOP DIGGING!" THE NEXT STEP: is to begin to find the way to climb upward and outward via reconnecting to BEAUTY!

"Haida" Joyful Nigun for cultivation of Playfulness & Emotional connection

An energising, fun celebration of spiritual community!
(Our version of the movements is more integrative than those shown here)

"Open Up in Sweet Surrender to the Numinous Love-Light of The One!"

Connect to Your 'Inner Light' on Long Winter Evenings!

We do Symbolic Movements + this Uplifting Prayer Chant based on the 11th Century:
4th Mystery of the Union of Saint Symeon
(Christ Consciousness is Accessible to All of Us!)

Originator: Sophia, Circle Dance by Ralph Nimmann

"Those Who Love and Loving Pour Forth Radiance"

Connect to Your 'Inner Light' as Outer Daylight Recedes!

Those who Love, and Loving Pour Forth Radiance
These are the Sons and Daughters of God
In My Lifetime - Love in Every Heart!
In My Lifetime - Peace, Peace on Earth!


*Only Love is Flowing Here!" [Sufi Zikr]

Massaging the Anahata Chakra with "Rowing the Boat of the Heart" off-set ebb/flow movements
which make the dance circle into a beating heart which rotates as a wheel [chakra = wheel] of energy.


"Hava Nagila" Uplifting, Joyful Song from Psalm 118

Let's Rejoice and be Happy!
Let's sing and be happy!
Awake bretheren with a happy heart!

"Go Sweep Out the Chambers of Your Heart!"

Mystical Wisdom from a 13th Century Sufi Mystic & Poet.

Words: Muhummed Shabistari, Music & Movements: Amida Harvey.

"I Am As God Created Me" - Divine Connection, Self-Discernment, Inner Peace
From A Course in Miracles"

Are YOU getting the ACCEPTANCE, RECOGNITION & VALIDATION that you need and deserve?
...Why leave it to others?...

Why not start NOW to build and support your own self-esteem?

Music by Michael Stillwater, Dance by Diane Olden

"May the Circle Be Open! - But Unbroken!"

From "Ancient Mother" Album by Robert Gass & On Wings Of Song



Learn to Drum up wellbeing - Native American Style Drumming & Dancing Workshops Cambridge, Cambridgeshire U.K.
More information

June 20th 2020

Drumming + Tribal Circle Dance

Saturday 10am-4pm

Celtic & Native American Sacred Circle Dances

Beginners Welcome - Drums on Free Loan!
In Rural Cambridgeshire
A14, 8 miles from Cambridge, 65 from London (M11/A14)


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