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Beltane & May Day Celebration - Sacred Circle Dances & Chants

May Day & Beltane: Mystical Union & Passionate Summer Fire Energy!

Our Cambridgeshire Beltane Celebration includes the Songs & Dances listed below...

"May the Circle Be Open! - But Unbroken!"

From "Ancient Mother" Album by Robert Gass & On Wings Of Song

"The Fires of Beltane - Fertility Dance!"

Beltane marks the start of the warm months of the year, the beautiful 'greening' of the countryside and the blossoming of the May Tree [Hawthorn]. Traditionally, 'young bloods' would leap the ceremonial Beltane fire to bring luck to their lives, especially before a journey or a wedding or, for maidens, to bring a husband, or for a young couple, as Green Man and May Queen, to seek the fertility that would bring the joy of children into their life together.


1. The Arapaho Ghost Dance

2. Native American Willow-Tree Wisdom: Mantric Chant + Dance
Phase A: Moving and chanting in the pattern of 'harmonious flow'
Phase B: Passion-driven self-empowerment: commitment, tough love, "putting one's foot down"
Phase C: Honouring the 4 Directions: seeing the 'big picture', objectivity, loving acceptance, faith

Transformation of stuck states of Stress, Frustration or Suffering = Energy Alchemy

*"The Beltane Brand" - Sacred circle dance embodying a Celtic Wish-fulfilment Practice

In the Paths of Our Ancestors!

Aligning with the Turning of The Wheel of the Year

The New Moon of Diana, The Dark Moon Hekate, The Full Moon of Selene
All Light our Changing Way!
At Beltaine and at Lammas, Samhain and Candlemas
The Sabbats and the Solstices and Equinoxes Past
It's the Blood of the Ancients that Runs through our Veins!
and the Forms Pass...but the Circle of Life remains!!


*Meditative Breathwork & Walks expressing energies of Sun, Mars & Venus
Self-expressive Energy Cultivation for integrating Solar Plexus & Heart chakra function.

Jarring lurches between chakras 3 & 4 occur in infatuation-collapse ["Hell hath no fury...!"] & Love/Hate Co-dependent Relationships

Transformation of stuck states of Frustration or Suffering via Energy Alchemy

"Tall Trees, Warm Fire!" Action Song

From the "Fly Like An Eagle!" Album

Tall Trees, Warm Fire!
Strong Winds, Deep Water!
I feel it in My Body!
I feel it in My Soul!

Learn to Drum up wellbeing - Native American Style Drumming & Dancing Workshops Cambridge, Cambridgeshire U.K.
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Feb.25th - March 24th 2020

Drumming + Tribal Circle Dance

5 Tuesdays 7-9pm

Celtic & Native American Sacred Circle Dances

Beginners Welcome - Drums on Free Loan!
In Rural Cambridgeshire
A14, 8 miles from Cambridge, 65 from London (M11/A14)
Fire Over the Earth!
By Fire that is Over the Earth...and the Fire that is Under the Earth
And the Fire in the Hearts of Heroes!
One Mind, One Heart, One Desire for the Shining Ones of TírnanÓg!
TírnanÓg meaning "Land of Youth" was the old Celtic word for the Spirit World.

Appreciating the Beauty of a Summer Morning - "Morning Has Broken"

Gaelic Melody adapted by Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam/Steven Demetre Georgiou
English Words created by Eleanor Farjeon

Om Ram Ramaya Swaha - Solar Plexus Chakra - Hindu Healing Mantra

Om Ram Ramaya Swaha Meaning: "Know what to do and how to carry it out!" or "I am That" in the sense of "I am an aspect of God".
"Ram... is the seed sound for the manipura, or solar plexus chakra where tremendous healing energy often lies dormant. This mantra is used to awaken and activate the entire chakra and balance the energy currents that run down the left and right sides of the body. It prepares the chakra to be able to handle the inflow of kundalini energy that gives the chakra its power. Ra is associated with the solar current that runs down the right side of our bodies. Ma is associated with the lunar current that runs down the left side of our bodies. By repeating Rama...Rama...Rama over and over again, there is an opportunity to balance the two currents and their activity.

[Dance by Bernie Heideman]

For the Beauty of the Earth! For the Glory of the Skies!

Based on the traditional hymn
Words: Folliot S. Pierpoint, Music: Conrad Kocher, Movements: Hayat Rubardt


A Celtic Parting Blessing - "May the Road Rise with You!"

"Blessed Be!"
This ancient Celtic Blessing draws on the 4 Elements of Earth, Air, Water & Fire
and embodies the 3 key aspects of a Parting Blessing...

Sadness (that our time together is over)
Well-wishing (for each other's future)
Appreciation (for who you are, and for being part of my life's journey!).
 We incorporate this old saying into a beautiful Blessing Ritual circle.



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Celtic mythology and poems - ways of the Druidic Shaman and Celtic Christianity - Fire in the Head - Shamanism and the Celtic Spirit by Tom Cowan  

Mystical insight and Enlightenment occur

when the veil between the worlds is lifted,

the worlds are bridged, the gap closes, and we cross over!

"Fire in the Head: Shamanism & The Celtic Spirit"
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Litha Summer Solstice Chants & Circle Dances
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