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 Sacred Circle Dances & Songs

"Suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind
and it filled all the house where they were sitting
and there appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of fire
and it sat upon each of them and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit!"


Dancing The Beautiful, Deeply-Moving Gayatri Mantra


"Om buhu, Om buru, Om buvaha, Om svaha" = The Great Mystical Utterance

Let us meditate on that excellent glory of The Divine!
May He enlighten our understandings!

Dance created by by Bernie Heideman

*Cleansing Guilt & Regrets : "All Shall Be Well!"

All shall be well! All manner of things shall be well!
When the Tongues of Flame are enfolded
Into the Crown knot of fire
And the Fire and the Rose are One!

Spiritual Inspiration: song + dance, developed by Karim Hadden
Based on the poem "Little Gidding" by T.S. Eliot [derived from the 14th Century vision of St. Julian of Norwich]
combined with the calls for merciful healing used by the people healed by Yeshua (Jesus) as reported in the Gospels.


The "Flying Bird" Solstice Circle Dance

Summer Solstice is the time of long hours of sun - up to 18 hours - which relaxes us and gives us plenty of time to get through the days tasks and still have time to spare - time to lie on our back and watch the clouds drift by, or watch the birds soaring high on the thermals of summer haze! The gentle sweeping melody of this dance captures that feeling of drifting aloft and the graceful lyrics compare that feeling to the experience of being "at one" with the divine.

The original lyrics were written in honour of the famous 19th-century Indian mystic, Ramakrishna, by one of his disciples. Ramakrishna was born into a poor family in rural Bengal but rose to become a priest of the Dakshineswar Kali Temple, dedicated to the goddess Kali. He attained samadhi [non-dualistic state of consciousness ] under the meditational guidance of an ascetic but also studied Islam and Christianity and said that they all lead to the same God!

[Dance Originator: James Nasrudin Burgess]


*Meditative Walks: Energy-Healing Movement Patterns of Beatitudes 3 & 4 in Aramaic

Transformation of Stuck States of Suffering - Via Mantric Resonance + Energy Alchemy
Based on the Studies & Inspiration of Dr. Neil Douglas-Klotz in: Prayers of the Cosmos

Fire Over the Earth!
By Fire that is Over the Earth...and the Fire that is Under the Earth
And the Fire in the Hearts of Heroes!
One Mind, One Heart, One Desire for the Shining Ones of TírnanÓg!
TírnanÓg meaning "Land of Youth" was the old Celtic word for the Spirit World.

Appreciating the Beauty of a Summer Morning - "Morning Has Broken"

Gaelic Melody adapted by Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam/Steven Demetre Georgiou
English Words created by Eleanor Farjeon

For the Beauty of the Earth! For the Glory of the Skies!

Based on the traditional hymn
Words: Folliot S. Pierpoint, Music: Conrad Kocher, Movements: Hayat Rubardt


Radhe Bol
Joyful Dance/Chant Celebrating the Interplay of Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine

The soul has a natural yearning for spiritual awakening...
to be re-united with the Source from which it has become separated

This mantra is a tribute to the legendary Hindu avatars of Radha and Krishna. Radha is a milkmaid who represents the embodiment of perfect human devotion to the Divine. Govinda is a name for Krishna which means "the one who tended the cows". Bolo is "sing the praises of." The love between Radha and Krishna is the ideal of Love, absolute surrender of individuality in the case of Radha and absolute divine grace in the case of Krishna. Radha's yearning for union with her beloved Krishna can be seen as the soul's longing for spiritual awakening, to be re-united with the Source from which it has become separated. The divine interplay between Krishna and Rada symbolises "Spirit and Nature dancing together".  [Dance originator: Philip "Tansen" O'Donohoe]

A Celtic Parting Blessing - "May the Road Rise with You!"

"Blessed Be!"
This ancient Celtic Blessing draws on the 4 Elements of Earth, Air, Water & Fire
and embodies the 3 key aspects of a Parting Blessing...

Sadness (that our time together is over)
Well-wishing (for each other's future)
Appreciation (for who you are, and for being part of my life's journey!).
 We incorporate this old saying into a beautiful Blessing Ritual circle.


Come Holy Spirit, Wind of God - Breath of the Great Spirit!
Whose source we only vaguely comprehend
...and of whose destination we have no knowledge.
Disturb us with your power!
Ruffle our complacency with Your unseen movement!
Blow the dust from our beliefs!
...the cobwebs from our prejudices
...that we may have such a clearer, fresher faith
that the storms of this world can never shake!


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Celtic mythology and poems - ways of the Druidic Shaman and Celtic Christianity - Fire in the Head - Shamanism and the Celtic Spirit by Tom Cowan  

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when the veil between the worlds is lifted,

the worlds are bridged, the gap closes, and we cross over!

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