Healing Circle Dances, Chants & Self-Integrative Walking Meditations
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"Healing Time"

Song by Kate Poole, dance inspiration: Stuart Allan & Jill, refined by Bernie Heideman.

*Meditative Walks: Energy-Healing Movement Patterns of Beatitudes 3 & 4 in Aramaic

Transformation of Stuck States of Suffering - Via Mantric Resonance + Energy Alchemy
Based on the Studies & Inspiration of Dr. Neil Douglas-Klotz in: Prayers of the Cosmos

Connecting to Eternity - Let Me be a Channel for Peace!

From "The Prayer of St Francis" - "Lord, Make Me an Instrument of Thy Peace!"

"Dying" to the egocentric experiences of struggle, self-inflation or victimhood, opens us up to the soul-full experience of "eternal life". In this sacred circle dance, the life of the soul is symbolised by coming into UNITY (back-to-back with "another") to form an "angel". The angel's wings are formed by our outstretched arms (reaching out to, and flying along on, the spiritual life).
The Art of Inner Stillness >> Creative Power of Simply Being >> Experience Eternity!

*Cleansing Guilt & Regrets : "All Shall Be Well!"

A powerful healing song + dance, developed by Karim Hadden
Based on the poem "Little Gidding" by T.S. Eliot [derived from the 14th Century vision of St. Julian of Norwich]
combined with the calls for merciful healing used by the people healed by Yeshua (Jesus) as reported in the Gospels.


Inner Child Group Healing Practise
From "Songs for the Inner Child" album by Shaina Noll (Details: UK   Canada   USA)
is a good example of how we can treat and support ourselves much better!
How could anyone ever tell You, You are anything less than beautiful?
How could anyone ever tell You, You are less than whole?
How could anyone fail to notice, that Your loving is a miracle?
How deeply You're connected to my soul
Out Beyond Ideas of Right and Wrong
Right and Wrong judgements have their place but...
excessive judgmentalism limits our capacity for connection & co-creativity.

Out Beyond Ideas of Right and Wrong
There is a field. I'll meet you there!
And we shall let the beauty we love...
Be what we dare!

We have a Beautiful DUP Song version + Symbolic Circle Dance
based on this poem by the 13th-century Persian mystic: Rumi

The melody was developed by Daniel Rhiger from a traditional Scottish melody. Movements by James Waner, guitar arrangement by Brian Dina.
Celtic Blessing Dance

Celtic Knot

Deep Peace of the Running Wave to You
Deep Peace of the Silent Stars
Deep Peace of the Flowing Air to You
Deep Peace of the Quiet Earth
May Peace, May Peace, May Peace fill Your Soul
Let Peace, Let Peace, Let Peace Make You Whole!


*Dances of Universal Peace in Cambridgeshire UK: Meetings & Events

Medicine Buddha Dance

Words: traditional Melody and movements: Philip Tansen O'Donohoe

We hope everyone gets a chance to feel what it is like to be in the centre of a Blessing Circle like this!
Note: we will be doing the simpler, non-partner version of this dance.



Mother Earth is a Great Big Ship that we are sailing on
Sailing on through Space and Time
Touch the Earth, Feel your Worth, Awaken to each New Rebirth
Open up your Heart and touch the Divine
(Blessed Be!)

Words: Avril Yospa-Harwood, Music: Rainbow Camps, Dance: Shamsia Sandra Sunfire
More about: Shamanism

Learn to Drum up wellbeing - Native American Style Drumming & Dancing Workshops Cambridge, Cambridgeshire U.K.
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June 20th 2020

Drumming + Tribal Circle Dance

Saturday 10am-4pm

Celtic & Native American Sacred Circle Dances

Beginners Welcome - Drums on Free Loan!
In Rural Cambridgeshire
A14, 8 miles from Cambridge, 65 from London (M11/A14)


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Celtic mythology and poems - ways of the Druidic Shaman and Celtic Christianity - Fire in the Head - Shamanism and the Celtic Spirit by Tom Cowan

"Mystical insight and enlightenment occur when the veil between the worlds is lifted, the worlds are bridged, the gap closes, and we cross over!"

"Fire in the Head: Shamanism & The Celtic Spirit"

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Samhain/Halloween Chants & Sacred Circle Dances
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