Group-Healing Practises: EARTH ELEMENT

Groundedness, Belonging, Confidence, Stability, Potency, Self-Security, Support, Reliability, Endurance. Vitality!

EARTH ELEMENT HEALING ENERGY & SKILLS CULTIVATION - 5 Elements Sacred Spiritual Healing Circle Dances, Bar Hill, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, East Anglia



...without: rigidity, stuckness

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Earth Energy/Root Chakra: Meditative & Inspiring Circle Dances & Songs...

*Native American Walking Meditation: "Hey Ungawa!" (Welcome!)

*Mayan Walking Meditation to Ground, Centre & Connect
"In Lak'Ech, A Lak'En"
"I am another You! - You are another me!"

Chakras 1+2 Meditative Circle Dance to Celtic ballad "Steal Away"
A symbolic circle dance that powerfully detects + transforms "Hyper-arousal" [ADHD]

Our modern over-complex, over-stimulated lifestyles have created an epidemic of 'Hyperarousal' [driven-ness,over-active Amygdala] which negatively impacts our cardiovascular health, relationships and wellbeing...

Too much hurrying forward to a place where we expect to be 'on top of things', can actually block us from accessing the security, stability & potency of 'grounding' [root chakra connection] to 'here and now' mindfulness - a much more potent launch-pad for our projects!

"Steal Away" is one of the tracks on the "Essential Fureys" album.

"Deep into the Earth I Go... Deep into the Earth I Know!"

A Group Body-Prayer to Go Deeply Within - Supported by Spiritual Community
Raises awareness of any 'Dissociation' block preventing full grounding fully into the Mulhadara chakra.

Grieve to Clear the Root Chakra [Mulhadara] - Anaya Hibiwa
Native American Sweatlodge Chant - Grieve to Clear the Root Chakra - Mulhadara Chakra
Root Chakra [Earth Spirit] Vitality: "Ya Hayy! Ya Haqq!"

'Hayy' (arabic) means LIFE FORCE - similar sacred words in Hebrew & Aramaic going back thousands of years.

'Haqq' is the TRUTH (authenticity) which arises when 'Hayy' is embodied, the related word in Hebrew is 'hokhmah', the Holy Wisdom or Sacred Sense that gathers all the disparate voices within us to form 'I am'.

'Haqq' is also related to the Egyptian/Persian 'hikmat/hekmat' meaning natural wisdom.

[Music & movements: Murshid Samuel L. Lewis]

I Am Alive! - The Root Chakra Wellspring of Vitality!

Words & Music: Rabbi David Zeller. Movements: Dale Blindheim, Munir Reynolds, Yana Viniko

Heal & Harness Your Stresses! - "Shanoon" Willow Tree Wisdom!

EARTH ELEMENT ENERGY SKILLS CULTIVATION - 5 Elements Sacred Spiritual Healing Circle Dances, Bar Hill, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, East Anglia

Phase 1: Shanoon wazifa - tender leaves caress old heart wounds!

Phase 2: Mindful Movement + Chanting - harmonious releasing

Phase 3: Empowered heart-earth connection - grounding pain, finding redemption

Phase 4: RENEWAL - New Perspective & Resourcefulness - Honouring the 4 Directions!

Shanoon hoyah, Shanoon hoyah
Hey heya heya yahonay, Hey heya heya yahonay
Hey heya heya ya honay... Honay!... Honay!

Chumash Tribe sweatlodge chant... Willow teaches us how to 'survive and thrive' through traumas and challenges via acceptance, energetic alignment + reaching deeper into Mother Earth.


*"All My Relations... May I Walk in Beauty!" [Play recording]
"All Life is Sacred - The Mountains and the Seas!
All Life is Sacred - The Animals and the Trees!
Dance Originator: Leilah Be


*"Return Again - Return to the Land of Your Soul!" [Play recording]
Sacred Circle Dance Originator: Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach

In the Paths of Our Ancestors!

Aligning with the Turning of The Wheel of the Year

The New Moon of Diana, The Dark Moon Hekate, The Full Moon of Selene
All Light our Changing Way!
At Beltaine and at Lammas, Samhain and Candlemas
The Sabbats and the Solstices and Equinoxes Past
It's the Blood of the Ancients that Runs through our Veins!
and the Forms Pass...but the Circle of Life remains!!

[Words & Music: Ellen Klaver & Terri Sternberg, Movements: Timothy Dobson]


*The Earth Wisdom Meditative Circle Practise: "The Earth that is Wise and Old"

Fire Over the Earth!
By Fire that is Over the Earth...and the Fire that is Under the Earth
And the Fire in the Hearts of Heroes!
One Mind, One Heart, One Desire for the Shining Ones of TírnanÓg!
TírnanÓg meaning "Land of Youth" was the old Celtic word for the Spirit World.


Mother Earth is a Great Big Ship that we are sailing on
Sailing on through Space and Time
Touch the Earth, Feel your Worth, Awaken to each New Rebirth
Open up your Heart and touch the Divine
(Blessed Be!)

Words: Avril Yospa-Harwood, Music: Rainbow Camps, Dance: Shamsia Sandra Sunfire

For the Beauty of the Earth! For the Glory of the Skies!

Based on the traditional hymn
Words: Folliot S. Pierpoint, Music: Conrad Kocher, Movements: Hayat Rubardt


Hoof and Horn - Connecting to the Cycles of Life
A Dance of Universal Peace honouring the Celtic Tradition of Hunter [Horned God] & Gatherer [Green Man]

Hoof and Horn, Hoof and Horn! All that Dies shall be Reborn!
Corn and Grain, Corn and Grain! All that Falls shall Rise Again!

A circle dance version of the ancient chant of our Celtic Pagan ancestors, created by Amara Karuna.
We do a somewhat different version from the one shown here and end it with a dramatic 'cone of power' release - recycling energy to the spiritual world so that we can continue to draw down energy from the spirit world on the months ahead, just as our ancestors did at their 'stone circle' gatherings all over the British Isles.

*Last Line of the Lord's Prayer in Aramaic - Sung Movement Meditation on 'Cosmic Renewal'
Video of full prayer in Aramaic

May this song [prayer] renew itself from Age to Age and from Gathering to Gathering - May this be the Earth from which our New Growth will Spring!

A Celtic Parting Blessing - "May the Road Rise with You!"

"Blessed Be!"
This ancient Celtic Blessing draws on the 4 Elements of Earth, Air, Water & Fire
and embodies the 3 key aspects of a Parting Blessing...

Sadness (that our time together is over)
Well-wishing (for each other's future)
Appreciation (for who you are, and for being part of my life's journey!).
 We incorporate this old saying into a beautiful Blessing Ritual circle.



Learn to Drum up wellbeing - Native American Style Drumming & Dancing Workshops Cambridge, Cambridgeshire U.K.
More information

Feb.25th - March 24th 2020

Drumming + Tribal Circle Dance

5 Tuesdays 7-9pm

Celtic & Native American Sacred Circle Dances

Beginners Welcome - Drums on Free Loan!
In Rural Cambridgeshire
A14, 8 miles from Cambridge, 65 from London (M11/A14)


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