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Autumn Equinox

Alban Elfed for our UK Druid ancestors, Mabon in Welsh Celtic tradition

About Celebrations of the Autumn Equinox/Mabon

Symbolic Circle Dances - Mantra Chants - Inspirational Songs

Connect to Your Inner Light as the Outer Light Declines!


Mindfulness ['Presence'] Practise: Coming into 'Here & Now' with...

The Aad Guray Stress-Protective Mantra
to Mourn the Passing of Summer & Re-energise to Embrace Autumn with 3-Energy-Gates Qigong

*"Let flow, Light of Water, Let Flow!" [Play short clip]

The Druid name for 'Autumn Equinox' is 'Alban Elfed' meaning 'Light of Water' because this moment is the gateway to the half of the year in which darkness dominates. Much as we love the long days, sunshine and warmth of summer we are invited now to surrender to [thus becoming co-creative with] the inevitable shrinking of light and warmth and the escalation of darkness and cold...

'Light of Water' refers to the spiritual wisdom quality of water to flow harmoniously as part of nature, with a minimum of pointless struggle or denial. To transit the next 3 months to Winter Solstice with EASE rather than UN-EASE we need to become like water and GO WITH THE FLOW - letting go our attachments to the delights of summer.

This sung Druidic circle dance was developed by Nickomo & Rasullah from the traditional Druid theme of symbolic movements embodying the chant of "Let flow, Light of Water, Let Flow!" and the mystical sound "A-I-O" - the Druid version of the Vedic "Om" sound. The "I" in A-I-O refers to the equinoctial straight line between where the sun rises and sets. The 'A' refers to the sunrise points at the solstices as they bisect the circle of celebrants or stones, and the 'O' is the circle of dancers or ritual celebrants.

Melody: Nickomo Clarke, Movements: Nickomo & Rasullah Clarke

*"Return Again - Return to the Land of Your Soul!" [Play recording]
Sacred Circle Dance Originator: Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach

*Autumn Equinox Healing: Energise, Purify & Balance Your Throat Chakra!

Autumn Equinox Celebration
In the Paths of Our Ancestors! - Aligning with the Turning of The Wheel of the Year

The New Moon of Diana, The Dark Moon Hekate, The Full Moon of Selene
All Light our Changing Way!
At Beltane and at Lammas, Samhain and Candlemas
The Sabbats and the Solstices and Equinoxes Past
It's the Blood of the Ancients that Runs through our Veins!
and the Forms Pass...but the Circle of Life remains!!

[Words & Music: Ellen Klaver & Terri Sternberg, Movements: Timothy Dobson]


*"All My Relations... May I Walk in Beauty!" [play recording]
Dance Originator: Leilah Be

*"Salmon" - Autumn Equinox (Mabon) Song & Symbolic Dance

The 'Salmon of Wisdom' is a well favoured symbol of wisdom in Celtic mythology.
Honoured because it returns to its source, going against the flow of what is easy.
This resonates with those of us who attune to the Source of All before making a new life commitment.
Coming back after a summer of adventures, we mirror the salmon's homing instinct at the Autumn Equinox!
The words of this song come from a poem based on a legendary story about the Holy Salmon
published in "From Isles of Dream - Visionary Stories & Poems of the Celtic Renaissance"

Building Autumn Vitality: Ya Hayy! Ya Haqq!

'Hayy' (arabic) means LIFE FORCE - similar sacred words in Hebrew & Aramaic going back thousands of years.
'Haqq' is the TRUTH (authenticity) which arises when 'Hayy' is embodied, the related word in Hebrew is 'hokhmah', the Holy Wisdom or Sacred Sense that gathers all the disparate voices within us to form 'I am'.
'Haqq' is also related to the Egyptian/Persian 'hikmat/hekmat' meaning natural wisdom.

[Music & movements: Murshid Samuel L. Lewis]


*Chant to Ground Deeply Within - Supported by Spiritual Community
[To Counteract the Autumn Tendency for Escapism]
"Deep into the Earth I Go, Deep into the Earth I Know!"

Grieving the Coming End of Summmer...
Anaya - Grieve the End of Summmer

"Om Namo Amitabhaya"

Meditative circle dance to cultivate personal qualities of The Buddha of Infinite Light

[Dance Originator: Zebunissa Anna Parker]

"Those Who Love and Loving Pour Forth Radiance"

Connect to Your 'Inner Light' as Outer Daylight Recedes!

Those who Love, and Loving Pour Forth Radiance
These are the Sons and Daughters of God
In My Lifetime - Love in Every Heart!
In My Lifetime - Peace, Peace on Earth!

*Meditative Walks: Energy-Healing Movement Patterns of Beatitudes 3 & 4 in Aramaic

Transformation of Stuck States of Suffering - Via Mantric Resonance + Energy Alchemy
Based on the Studies & Inspiration of Dr. Neil Douglas-Klotz in: Prayers of the Cosmos

Learn to Drum up wellbeing - Native American Style Drumming & Dancing Workshops Cambridge, Cambridgeshire U.K.
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Feb.25th - March 24th 2020

Drumming + Tribal Circle Dance

5 Tuesdays 7-9pm

Celtic & Native American Sacred Circle Dances

Beginners Welcome - Drums on Free Loan!
In Rural Cambridgeshire
A14, 8 miles from Cambridge, 65 from London (M11/A14)


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when the veil between the worlds is lifted,

the worlds are bridged, the gap closes, and we cross over!

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