Celtic Wheel of the Year Celebrations - Sacred Circle Dances & Chants

*"Awakening the Dancer!"
From Movement Medicine

*"Shaking Medicine - Stress Clearing & Chakra Activation Practice"
Based on the ancient healing practise of Shaking Medicine

Yule - The Winter Solstice Celebration
In the Path of Our Ancestors! - Aligning with the Turning of The Wheel of the Year

The New Moon of Diana, The Dark Moon Hekate, The Full Moon of Selene
All Light our Changing Way!
At Beltane and at Lammas, Samhain and Candlemas
The Sabbats and the Solstices and Equinoxes Past
It's the Blood of the Ancients that Runs through our Veins!
and the Forms Pass...but the Circle of Life remains!!

[Words & Music: Ellen Klaver & Terri Sternberg, Movements: Timothy Dobson]


*We Are Opening Up In Sweet Surrender
Symbolic Movements + Uplifting Melodic Prayer Chant based on the 11th Century:
4th Mystery of the Union of Saint Symeon
(Christ Consciousness is Accessible to All of Us!)

Dancing The Beautiful & Deeply-Moving Gayatri Mantra
in appreciation and gratitude for the Sun as it declines


"Om buhu, Om buru, Om buvaha, Om svaha" = The Great Mystical Utterance

Let us meditate on that excellent glory of the divine vivifying Sun
May He enlighten our understandings!

Dance created by by Bernie Heideman
Winter Solstice Chant & Dance

Winter Solstice Chant & Dance - Celebrate the Light of the Sun with the Goddess Lucina
Celebrate the Light of the Sun! - Show the way Lucina!
Dance the Round on Sabbat night! - Blessed be the Great Mother!

In the European Goddess tradition, Lucina is the Maiden Goddess of the returning light at Mid-Winter Solstice. She wears a crown of candles and evergreens, and a white gown with a red sash. As Goddess of Childbirth, She also represents the rebirth of the New Year and heralds the return of the light of the sun!
[Originator: Kay Gardner, Image: Wikimedia]
Altísimo Corazón - Incarnating the Qualities of the Divine Feminine
Altissimo corazon que floresca, Que floresca la luz! Que floresca!
"The Highest Heart, How it Radiates Divine Light!"

In the Carribean the "Divine Feminine" of the Catholic tradition [Mary]
is often blended with the "Divine Feminine" of the indigenous Voodoo Goddess tradition

[In Celebration of the Virgin of Guadalupe Feast Day]
When the Sun's Reborn!

When the Sun is Reborn - Yule dance & chant - Winter Solstice song - It is the Great Mother giving birth to him!
WOMEN: It is the Great Mother giving birth to him! - Great Mother giving birth to him!
CHORUS: When the Sun comes up again! - When the Sun's reborn!
MEN: It is the Lord of Life born again! - Lord of Life born again!

[Based on Carmina Gadelica by James Nasrudin Burgess & Nickomo Clarke]

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Winter Solstice Yule Party Fun!

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Ave Maria - Hail Mary, Full of Grace!

The Words of Angel Gabriel telling Mary she is to bear the Christ Child.

They invite us to activate our own DIVINE CREATIVITY for the coming year!

A Celtic Parting Blessing - "May the Road Rise with You!"

"Blessed Be!"
This ancient Celtic Blessing draws on the 4 Elements of Earth, Air, Water & Fire
and embodies the 3 key aspects of a Parting Blessing...

Sadness (that our time together is over)
Well-wishing (for each other's future)
Appreciation (for who you are, and for being part of my life's journey!).
 We incorporate this old saying into a beautiful Blessing Ritual circle.

"May the Circle Be Open! - But Unbroken!"

From "Ancient Mother" Album by Robert Gass & On Wings Of Song


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"Mystical insights emerge and the Path of Enlightenment unfolds

when the veil between the worlds is lifted...

...the two worlds are bridged, the gap closes and we cross over!

"Fire in the Head: Shamanism & The Celtic Spirit"

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